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The following are dialog and mission scripts as seen during "Bone Voyeur!" in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Opening cutscene

Toni Cipriani: Hey! JD get out here! Hey JD, you little sicko, get the fuck out here, before I come in there and break your legs!

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: I'm coming... but not like that, ha ha ha! Hey, Toni, que pasa? Give us a hug.

Toni Cipriani: Woah, you're sticky!

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Oh, it's the stripper stuff they put all over me, you know. They like it, you know. They put it anywhere and uh... so, how you doing?

Toni Cipriani: What the fuck are you wearing?

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: What, this? I'm an adventurous lover. You know I like... an experimental side, y'know? Nothing wrong with that, huh? You can watch if you like.

Toni Cipriani: Oh, you're sick. You better shut the fuck up, right now.

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Okay, relax Toni...

Toni Cipriani: Where's my money?

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: See, that's the problem. We are getting ripped off. Alright, now you wait here. I gotta go change out of, uh... this thing, you know. Hey Raven - time to put away the double ender.

(O'Toole goes back inside the bar to change and then comes out in street clothing)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Hey Toni, let's you and me go for a drive. We got some things we gotta check out... Okay! Okay!


(Toni and O'Toole make their way towards O'Toole's van)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Ah, I'm sure the girls are ripping me off.

(Toni and O'Toole enter the van)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: We better tour the neighborhood and see what's up.

(Toni and O'Toole drive around the block and find a prostitute)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Hey, that's one of my girls.

Prostitute #1: Hey JD, I got your money right here.

(Toni and O'Toole then drive around and find a second prostitute in an alleyway)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: That's one of my girls in that car.

Prostitute #2: Hi, JD. I was just about to bring this to you, honest.

(Toni and O'Toole then drive around and find a third prostitute by a shop opposite Pay 'n' Spray)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Hey, I recognize that girl.

Prostitute #3: Geez. Don't you trust me no more, JD?

(Toni and O'Toole then drive around and find a fourth prostitute in a car by the construction site)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Hey that pimp is ripping off one of my girls. Get the money back, Toni.

(Toni and O'Toole then drive around and spot a prostitute with a rival pimp)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Stealing one of my girls.

(Toni runs over the rival pimp and pulls up next to the fourth prostitute)

Prostitute #4: Hey, JD. It's been a slow day. This is all I've got.

(Toni then runs over another pimp and collects his cell phone. They then drive to a store up the street from Ammu-Nation and spots a rival pimp)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: What the hell is that pimp doing? Get him, Toni.

(Toni then runs over the rival pimp, collects his money and drives around the area and spots a fifth prostitute)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: That girls one of ours.

(Toni pulls up next to the fifth prostitute)

Prostitute #5: Talk about big brother. Here's your stinking money.

(Toni and O'Toole then return to Paulie's Revue Bar)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Nice work, Toni! I don't think the girls are gonna give me any more trouble on this shift.