Caligula's Palace War

Caligula's Palace War



1992 (within a week)


Las Venturas
San Andreas


Ownership is left with Salvatore Leone. However the casino is later robbed by Carl Johnson and is crew.


Leone Family

Sindacco Family


Salvatore Leone

Johnny Sindacco


Salvatore Leone
Ken Rosenberg
Carl Johnson

Johnny Sindacco



Johnny Sindacco
Heavy unnamed casualties.


The Caligula's Palace War was series of disagreements in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, surrounding ownership of the Caligula's Palace casino in Las Venturas. The people involved in the war were Salvatore Leone, Johnny Sindacco, Ken Rosenberg, Mickey and Carl Johnson.

Before the war

The war almost began early on in the game, when there was a disagreement between Leone boss Salvatore Leone and Sindacco underboss Johnny Sindacco on who was going to control the Sindacco's new casino Caligula's Palace, in which they wanted to share with the Leones and the Forellis.

The Leones wanted a third party but the Sindaccos said one of their members (Mickey) was controlling the casino. Don Leone responded saying: "So get rid of him, show me how much you want my organization's involvement". So, Johnny ordered Mickey to be killed and buried in the desert. Ken Rosenberg became the new manager of the casino.

Johnny Sindacco

In the mission Fender Ketchup, Johnny Sindacco experiences a heart attack after being fastened to the front of a car and being driven recklessly around Las Venturas by Carl Johnson. This was on Wu Zi Mu's orders, after attacking their new casino The Four Dragons Casino.

In the mission Intensive Care, whilst Johnny was being driven in an Ambulance, Forelli members attempted to kill Johnny. This plan was thwarted by Carl on Rosenberg's orders. In The Meat Business, Ken and Carl went to visit Johnny but when Johnny recognized Carl, he experiences a second heart attack and died which led to a shootout between the Sindaccos and Carl.


As soon as Salvatore found out about Johnny's death, he thought about trying to take over Caligula's from the Sindaccos and the Forellis, by killing the leading members of their organization. Before he could do anything, a hit had been put out on Salvatore, but he sent Carl to deal with the hitmen in Freefall.

Don Leone then wanted revenge and sent Carl to Marco's Bistro in Liberty City, where he killed a high ranking Forelli Family gang member and his bodyguards in the mission Saint Mark's Bistro.

This left Salvatore Leone as the main owner of the casino, but Salvatore Leone had little time to enjoy his casino as it was robbed by his former ally Carl Johnson and the Triads. This led Don Leone to paranoia.