Johnny Sindacco

Johnny Sindacco
Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name Johnny Sindacco


Place of Birth Liberty City
Date of Death 1992
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Las Venturas
Family Paulie Sindacco
(likely relation)
Main Affiliations Sindacco Family
Salvatore Leone (1992)
Ken Rosenberg (1992)
Businesses Caligula's Palace
Voiced by Casey Siemaszko

Johnny Sindacco is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. A high ranking member of the Sindacco Family helping run the Caligula's Palace casino in Las Venturas, he is a likely relation of Paulie Sindacco, and is voiced by Casey Siemaszko.

Character history

Johnny, likely born to a high ranking member of the Sindacco Family in Liberty City, and at an unknown time joined the family. By 1992 he had rose to a prominent position within the family and had moved to Las Venturas in the state of San Andreas to run the Caligula's Palace casino in The Strip. Early in 1992 he returns to Liberty City to meet with Salvatore Leone, the Don of the rival Leone Family, at his mansion to ask for money to invest in the casino in return for a one-third share. He, presumably, also met with the Forelli Family, the other Liberty City mafia family, who also took a one-third share.

Johnny later returned to Leone's mansion and the two agreed to install disbarred Vice City lawyer Ken "Rosie" Rosenberg to run the casino for the three families. Later in the year a new casino, the Triad-owned Four Dragons Casino, opened. Johnny, seeing more competition, entered the casino with some other mobsters and began attacking the casino's slot machines but was apprehended by the Triads. Wu Zi "Woozie" Mu, a leading Triad, tells his men to "get rid of" him but Woozie's friend and protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson decides to have him tied to the hood of a car, stomach down and facing the windshield. Carl then drives recklessly around the city in order to extract information from him, with Johnny eventually saying that he would pay at the hands of the Sindacco Family.

Johnny is later freed and, traumatised from his experience, finds his way to the hospital where he recovers. He is later discharged from the hospital and taken out in an Ambulance, which is later hijacked by Forelli mobsters in an attempt to kill him. Carl, helping Roseie in an attempt to gain information for a planned casino heist, agrees to rescue Johnny to prevent a war between the Sindacco, Forelli and Leone families. Carl manages to rescue Johnny and takes him to the Sindacco Abattoir in Whitewood Estates.

Rosie, still not confident about his precarious situation, later asks Carl to accompany him to the Sindacco Abattoir to meet Johnny, in an attempt to win his favour during his recovery. Carl goes along and, when Rosie meets Johnny, attempts to stay in the background but is spotted. Johnny, recognising him, tells his bodyguards that he was the man who put him in the hospital and, having not fully recovered, dies from a shock-induced heart attack. The Sindacco mobsters, having witnessed the death of Johnny, then attack Carl and Rosie, although they manage to escape after killing all the mobsters.

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas

Murder committed


  • Johnny bears a strong resemblence to Christopher Moltisanti, Tony's nephew, from The Sopranos.
  • Johnny is one of the few Grand Theft Auto characters who died of natural causes.
  • The Strategy Guide for San Andreas states Johnny goes back into his coma, however strategy guides are written before the release, so details may have differences.