Carl Johnson introduces himself to Salvatore Leone and offers his services.
Carl Johnson introduces himself to Salvatore Leone and offers his services.

Carl Johnson introduces himself to Salvatore Leone and offers his services.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Salvatore Leone
Location The Strip, Las Venturas, San Andreas
Reward $15,000
Unlocks High Noon (if Misappropriation has been completed)
Unlocked by Fish in a Barrel

Freefall is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by Leone Family don Salvatore from the office in Caligula's Palace, a casino located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


Salvatore is sitting in his office at Caligula's Palace while a waitress, Maria, appears and gives him the ordered sandwich. After a while, Carl shows up and informs Salvatore about having worked with his son Joey Leone back in Liberty City and that he can do anything Salvatore wants from him. Carl is informed that a Shamal plane is arriving at the airport soon and it contains Forelli Family hitmen coming to kill Salvatore. Carl then makes his way to the Las Venturas Airport and steals a Dodo. He flies over to the Shamal and follows it. After staying behind Carl jumps out of his Dodo and gets in the Shamal plane, killing every Forelli inside as well as the pilot. He then flies the plane back to the airport.


(Lead singer Maccer of British band The Gurning Chimps and his manager Kent Paul are hung upside down by a rope tied to a couch occupied by Paul's associate Ken "Rosie" Rosenberg, who is force-confined to the couch to protect his friends by mob boss Salvatore Leone, who has recently taken over the casino.)

Maccer: Top fuckin' buzz this. I'm peaking on the blood pressure alone.

Paul: Yeah, t'riffic.

(A waitress enters and hands Salvatore his sandwich.)

Salvatore: Well, well, well... What have we got here?

Maria: Here's your sandwich.

Salvatore: Who's this pretty thing?

Maria: I don't usually do this kind of shit you know.

Salvatore: Heh, heh, heh. I like this girl. What's your name, kid?

Maria: Maria. And the service is not included.

Tony: Pay the woman, you fat fuck!

Salvatore: You heard the bird!

Maria: Come on.

(Salvatore's bodyguard hands over a few papers.)

Maria: Are you kidding me? See you later, guys.

(Maria exits and Carl enters the office.)

Salvatore: And who's this asshole?

CJ: The name's Carl Johnson, sir. Before working with Mr. Rosenberg here, I had the pleasure of doing business with your son, Joey, back in Liberty City.

Salvatore: You know my Joey? I like that. So, kid, what can I do for you?

CJ: Well, Ken'll vouch for me, I'm a straight killer.

Rosie: Oh, oh he, eerr, one man fucking army! Real dependable. Total fucking maniac, too.

Salvatore: You know, the Forelli's are sending over a crew to hit me. Their flight gets in soon - traveling as a string quartet. I was going to send some of the boys over as a little welcoming committee, but, uh, maybe you can take care of it.

CJ: Thank you, sir. I guarantee you, you won't regret this.

Rosie: Maybe I should go along

(Rosie gets up and the couch moves, unsettling Maccer and Paul.)

Maccer & Paul: Waaarrrggghhh!

Rosie: (sits back) That's OK, I'm comfortable, I'm fine.

Salvatore: Stay where you are, Rosenberg. I don't want you getting yourself lost.


The reward for completing this mission is $15,000 and respect. The mission High Noon is unlocked, given that the mission Misappropriation has been completed beforehand.


  • The Shamal that Carl enters is actually an interior in the game's interior world, above Blueberry Acres.
  • The mission's cutscene is the first chronological appearance of Maria Latore.
  • This is the first time Carl actually speaks about his life in Liberty City. Elsewhere and otherwise, only subtle or direct references to this are made, that too only in Los Santos missions.


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