Fender Ketchup

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Fender Ketchup
Carl Johnson plans to deal with a casino vandal with scare tactics

Carl Johnson plans to deal with a casino vandal with scare tactics
Game GTA San Andreas
For Wu Zi Mu
Location The Four Dragons Casino, Las Venturas, San Andreas
Reward $5,000 and Respect
Unlocks Explosive Situation
Unlocked by Learning to Fly

Fender Ketchup is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by San Fierro Triads leader Wu Zi Mu from his office at The Four Dragons Casino, a casino located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


Carl pays a visit to Woozie, after inviting him to this new place. Woozie explains to him the problems he's having about the casino business. Apparently, either one of the three mafia families in the city - the Leone Family, the Forelli Family and the Sindacco Family - are causing the trouble for him. He would do anything to keep them away. Woozie then offers a deal to Carl; in exchange for some help with this casino business, Woozie would offer Carl a share of the casino. Carl gladly agrees.

A little later, a Triad comes in, saying that some thugs have been interrupting things, and that one of the thugs was caught. Woozie orders him to get rid of the thug, but Carl has a better idea. He orders the Triad to tie him up on the windshield of a Feltzer, and he would deal with this a little later.

Soon enough, Carl goes to the garage and finds the thug already tied up to the windshield of the vehicle. Carl exits the garage and drives frantically around town in order scare the thug to reveal which family he belongs to. The thug eventually reveals he is from the Sindacco Family, and Carl says that's all he wanted to hear. He then goes back to the casino.


(Wu Zi Mu on the phone)

Wu Zi Mu: Idiot! Do you realize how much those machines cost? We're supposed to be opening in -

(Crash sound)

Wu Zi Mu: What the fuck was that?

(To the phone again)

Wu Zi Mu: Hello? HELLO? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Guppy: Boss, CJ's here.

Wu Zi Mu: Carl, glad you could make it.

Carl Johnson: So this is what you've been doing.

Wu Zi Mu: Yeah, it's been a complete nightmare. You want a stomach ulcer, try opening a Triad casino in a Mafia-run town!

Carl Johnson: The Mob trying to squeeze you?

Wu Zi Mu: Yeah - the corporations are moving in and everybody's feeling the squeeze. I've got slot machines busted up, workmen being scared off...

Carl Johnson: So who's behind this?

Wu Zi Mu: Well, there are these three mob families operating here, and each of them has a stake in Caligula's Casino, and some wacked-out lawyer's running it for them. It could be any one of them, or all of 'em.

Carl Johnson: Can't you just give them a little something?

Wu Zi Mu: No. In addition to the usual authorities that need bribing, each one would want a slice, and I'm not about to hand over all of our profits to some wiseguy Italians!

Carl Johnson: Our profit?

Wu Zi Mu: That's right, you heard me. I want to offer you a share in our casino in exchange for some help setting it up. How does that sound, partner?

Carl Johnson: Sounds like we got a deal then!

(A Triad comes)

Triad: Boss! The boys found some thugs trying to smash one of the deliveries. We caught one of them!

Wu Zi Mu: Get rid of him.

Carl Johnson: Hey, wait - hold up, hold up, come here. Whoever's behind this, we need to let them know that they're dealing with fully-fledged psychos. Tie him to the front of the car, let him sweat it out a little, and I'll be out there in a little while.

(To Woozie)

Carl Johnson: See if we can make this guy squeal.

Wu Zi Mu: That's my Carl!

(At the Four Dragon's Casino Garage)

Johnny Sindacco: Hey, hey, who the fuck - who are you? Untie me, huh?

Carl Johnson: You know what? I think were gonna take a little drive.

Johnny Sindacco: What are you, fucking stupid? I'm not joking here - untie me, motherfucker.

Carl Johnson: No, I think I'm gonna leave you right where you are.

(Outside the Garage)

Johnny Sindacco: You got any idea in that pea brain head of yours who the fuck I am?

Carl Johnson: No, but I think I'm going to find out.

(After scaring the thug enough)

Johnny Sindacco: The family is going to make you pay for this!

Carl Johnson: Which family?

Johnny Sindacco: The Sindacco family, you idiot!

Carl Johnson: That's all I wanted to hear.

Johnny Sindacco: What the-? Oh shit...


The rewards for this mission are $5,000 and an increase in respect. The mission Explosive Situation is unlocked.


The Feltzer can sometimes be stuck on the garage door of the Four Dragons Casino for quite a while. However, pressing the Shift key after a measure of time would skip the grinding of the car towards the garage door.


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