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A billboard advertisement for Chains of Intimacy in GTA V.

Chains of Intimacy is an erotic fiction book in the HD Universe, which is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V. Billboard advertisements can be seen for the book in Los Santos and the website can be found in the in-game internet. The book has two sequels: The Plug of Intimacy and The U-Bend of Intimacy, which follow the life of Jane Vixen and her relationship with Lesant Diangelo, who also starts a relationship with her mother. The book is an international best seller and written by Terry Bolan, who later agrees for Canyon Entertainment to make a film based on the book. The book and its sequels can be found in several locations throughout the game, including Michael De Santa's house. The book is an obvious parody of Fifty Shades Of Grey.'s synopsis

Follow the journey of Jane Vixen, a young, innocent, religious woman who works at a hobby shop when charming millionaire Lesant Diangelo enters the store to buy supplies for a fleet of remote control devices he is building. Seeing she is intrigued, he offers to show his studio workshop to her after work. On the ride in his supple sports car, he talks about all his work feeding poor crippled children around the globe.

When he shows her his workshop she is aghast. He was hooked dildos up to a reciprocating saw, a remote control helicopter, ceiling fan, jackhammer, plunger, toy train and a tank. Plus, there are areas for whips, chains, knives, golden showers, and scat play. Then things get hot and rapey. At the end of 300 pages of depravity, debauchery and lavish gifts charged to a Fleeca Black card, Jane breaks up with Lesant and moves back in with her parents.