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The following is a script of the mission Coming Down in The Lost and Damned.

Pre mission phone call

Johnny: Ash?

Ashley: Johnny boy? John. I need some help.

Johnny: I ain't got a hand-out for ya. Sorry.

Ashley: A hand-out ain't gonna fix it, Johnny boy. I'm into something bad. I need a knight in shining armor to take me away from this mess. They're gonna kill me... or worse.

Johnny: Jesus, Ash. Where are ya?

Ashley: Some project on Wardite. Come quick, baby.

Johnny: I'll try.


(Johnny enters the apartment)

Johnny: John boy's here for you, baby.


Johnny: These guys can't hurt you no more, baby.

Johnny: I've come for you, baby. Don't worry no more.

Johnny: It's over, Ashley. I'm here.

Johnny; Ash babe, where are ya?

Johnny: Baby, baby I'm here.

Johnny: Ash babe, your white knight is here.

Ashley: Help me! Help me!

Ashley: My boyfriends gonna splatter your brains across this place!

Ashley: Fuck! Will somebody fucking help me!

Ashley: This is so not fucking cool.

Ashley: Ahhhhhhh!

Ashley: I'm not paying you a fucking cent.

(Johnny finds Ashley)

Johnny: You sure known how to get yourself into trouble, don't ya baby?

Ashley: And you sure know how to get me out, Johnny.

Johnny: Come 'ere.

Ashley: What's wrong? I don't want to hang out here. Can we go?

Johnny: I don't wanna hang here neither. Then again, I'm not the one messing up my head on a week long ice binge.

Ashley: I remember when you used to mess around at my place, that don't happen any more either. Take me home man, I'm crashing hard.

(Johnny takes Ashley home)

Johnny: You alright?

Ashley: I'm with you now, Johnny boy. How could I not be?

Johnny: How long you been up? Two days? Three?

Ashley: Who's counting?

Johnny: It ain't good for you, you know that.

Ashley: Sure, sure. Do you expect me to stay clean when you're not there to look after me?

Johnny: Maybe if you answered your calls... fuck. Whatever.

Ashley: Okay, I'm bad, baby. I know it. You should teach me a lesson. Hit me or something. Teach me I'm wrong.

Johnny: Enough of that.

Ashley: Teach me, baby. It's the only way I'll learn. Make me hurt.

Johnny: You're making yourself hurt already, you fucking idiot.

Ashley: Hit me.

Johnny: Give me a break, sweetheart. I used to fucking love you.

Ashley: You're too sweet for words, Johnny boy. You think I'm sweet, too?

Johnny: You ain't good for me, sugar. That's all I know.

(Johnny arrives at Ashley's apartment)

Johnny: Nice place you got here, sugar.

Ashley: Now now, honey. I ain't feelin' so good.

Johnny: I thought you said you stopped smoking that stuff?

Ashley: I did, Johnny boy. I did. I promise. I never lied to you.

Johnny: Come on, baby. That's crap and you know it.

Ashley: I never lied to you when I was sober.

Johnny: Well, my whole life's falling to shit, sweetheart. I guess it was dumb of me to think this would be any different.

Ashley: I'm sorry. I know I ain't much, but I'm all yours. You do know that, baby, don't you?

Johnny: If you say so.

Ashley: I love you, Johnny. Thanks for saving me again.

Johnny: Yeah, yeah.

Ashley: Hey, you know what? We're better than this.

Johnny: Yeah, well let's hope so.

Ashley: Say the word, honey. Take that bike. We'll ride off into the sunset, you and me.

Johnny: You, me and that little habit of yours.

Ashley: You're my habit, Johnny.

Johnny: And you are ridiculous.

Alternate dialogue

Johnny: God, Ashley. Sometimes I wish I didn't care about you.

Ashley: Oh, baby. You don't mean that, do you? You're all I got.

Johnny: Me and the crystal, of course.

Ashley: I told you. I'm not friends with Tina no more. I ain't gonna lose me to meth...

Johnny: Well, you lost me to it.

Ashley: So, Billy's back. How's things?

Johnny: Don't you know? Haven't you two been seeing anything of each other?

Ashley: No... yeah. He's around, isn't he?

Johnny: Something's around. Not the Billy I knew. Not the billy that made me want to lead this life in the first place.

Ashley: Oh, man, Johnny. You keep talking about how people have changed. Don't you think maybe you're the one who's different?

Johnny: Fuck you, Ashley. I ain't changed. I stuck to the code I set myself. You try and live by what makes sense, take your own path and it burns you out.

Ashley: You're funny, Johnny. You care about everyone else when they're fine. And you end up tying yourself in a knot.

Johnny: Yeah, everything in my life's fucking fantastic.

Post mission phone call (optional)

Ashley: If it isn't my white knight. My saviour. Johnny K.

Johnny: I ain't your saviour, baby. I might have beaten up a few pimps and pushers. But I'm never gonna save you from yourself. I learned that a long time ago.

Ashley: That's the old me. I'm clean now. I'm off the meth, and all that shit.

Johnny: Didn't seem like that when I last saw you. Just checking you're okay. Bye, Ash.