Coming Down

Coming Down
Game The Lost and Damned
For Ashley Butler
Objective Rescue Ashley from a crackhouse
Location Vespucci Circus, Algonquin
Unlocks Off Route and This Shit's Cursed, plus Gang Warfare side-missions
Unlocked by Politics

Coming Down is a mission in The Lost and Damned. It is given by Ashley Butler to Johnny Klebitz.

After the successful completion of a job from Stubbs (Politics), the player will receive a frantic phone call from Ashley Butler, who is holed-up in a crackhouse and needs help. This mission then automatically launches (meaning the player can't save the game yet, though Johnny can still access Terry's gun van for supplies). The player then drives to Vespucci Circus and goes to meet Ashley on the second floor. Upon arriving, the player is attacked by a group of drug addicts equipped with either very basic weapons (pistols, baseball bats, etc) or bare fists. Mowing through these foes rather easily, Ashley can be found in the back part of a drug-addled apartment on a mattress.

After a brief cutscene, the player then has to escort her out of the building and drive her back to her apartment. In a cutscene, she expresses the desire to just pick up and leave forever and ride off into the sunset with Johnny. However, knowing about her addictions, Johnny chooses to leave her to her misery.

Johnny can also call Ashley after this mission, where Johnny says he is just checking she is still alright.

After completing this mission, Johnny receives a phone call unlocking the Gang Warfare side-mission.

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