Counterfeit Gangster

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Counterfeit Gangster
Destroying Chan's counterfeit goods.

Destroying Chan's counterfeit goods.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Chan Jaoming
Location East Island City, Dukes, Liberty City
Fail FIB discovers Chan's goods.
Reward None
Unlocks Slaying With Fire
Unlocked by One Shot, One Kill

Counterfeit Gangster is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to protagonist Huang Lee by Chan Jaoming.


Chan Jaoming has got some problems with the FIB. They will be coming to search his "Goods" and when they find out they are counterfeits they will arrest Chan again. Chan wants Huang to dispose of his "Goods".


This mission is pretty straight forward. You need to destroy all of Chan's goods before the FIB discover them. This mission is timed: you have 6 minutes and 15 seconds to complete it. The first bunch of "Goods" are right in front of Chan's place. Shoot, run over, or blow them up to destroy them. There are some Molotov Cocktails around the corner. Next take a vehicle and head to the nearest bunch of goods near the docks. Destroy these crates and then head to the next bunch. These are cars, you will need to use a crane to pick them up and dump them in the water. The Crane controls are pretty simple. Use the black joystick to move the crane around and pick cars up, dumping them in the water. The next part involves pushing a number of cars into the water using a Bulldozer. After they are all gone the mission is complete.


(At Chan's Garage)

Chan: Huang, this is outrageous! On the one hand, I'm free, and on the other, I'm having business I stole in good faith taken away from me. The Feds are raiding all of my counterfeiting operations!

Huang: What do you want to do? Blackmail one of them? Threaten to kill someone's family?

Chan: No, screw them! I'm going to party anyway!

Huang: Chan, if the Feds link you to any of that fake merchandise you're finished. They'll use it to put you away for 100 years.

Chan: They're not going to find any fake crap, Huang, because you're going to destroy it all for me.

Huang: Yes, because I was bored and really wanted a favor to do for you.

Chan: Man, I love having you in my life. I'm going to blog about you when I wake up tomorrow.

Mission Replay description

"The FIB were set to raid Chan's businesses.

I had to race around, getting rid of anything that could have been incriminating.

NB: Chan's convinced that Zhou is ratting out the Triads."