One Shot, One Kill

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One Shot, One Kill
The assassination in the DS version.

The assassination in the DS version.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Hsin Jaoming
Fail Miss the target.
Reward None, although you can collect the informant's cash.
Unlocks The Fandom Menace
Counterfeit Gangster
Unlocked by The Offshore Offload

One Shot, One Kill is a mission given by to protagonist Huang Lee by Hsin Jaoming in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It involves the assassination of an FIB informant who is the key witness against Chan Jaoming.


Upon receiving the mission, you drive to Castle Garden City and enter a hotel. On the hotel balcony, you assemble a sniper rifle from a briefcase. You then have to shoot the informant (distinguishable as he is wearing a white t-shirt and jeans). He drops a special blue dollar sign upon death, which is worth more than the green dollar signs pedestrians drop. The mission is completed when you lose the resulting three star wanted level.


(At Hsin's Residence)

Hsin: They let Chan out on bail.

Huang: Great. How is he?

Hsin: Hidden. Hidden away where he can cause me no more trouble. Now, tell me - are you loyal, Huang?

Huang: I'm a Triad. You can trust me.

Hsin: Your uncle is bitter and power crazed and your father was a buffoon. It was one of Chan's trusted entourage that sold him out.

Huang: How do you know ?

Hsin: I have some cops on my payroll. They tell me he's the Fed's star witness against Chan. The only thing I want him witnessing is a bullet entering his brain.

Huang: I'll get right on it.

Hsin: Don't get caught Huang I can't have this coming back to me. Take him out from a distance.

Huang: For a second I thought you were concerned for my welfare.

Hsin: Mess this up and you'll be the one worrying about your welfare.

Mission Replay description

"Chan made bail.

Apparently, one of his own entourage sold him to the FIB, and is their chief witness against him.

Hsin got me to impress upon the informer how much we disapproved of his treachery."


  • The name of the mission is an often used phrase associated with sniping.