Decoy Disaster

Decoy Disaster
Game GTA Advance
For Cisco
Target Yardies
Location Francis International Airport, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City
Reward $20,000
Unlocks Truth Revealed

Decoy Disaster is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance given to protagonist Mike from Colombian Cartel leader Cisco from his plane in Francis International Airport, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City.


Cisco informs Mike that he must go to a drugs conference due to outbreaks of the bubonic plague, but other people wouldn't want him to make it to the conference. He wants Mike to act as a decoy to lure the attackers away from him so he can make it. Mike then enters a Stretch, and occupies the attackers for two minutes.


Cisco: Amigo, you must have heard the news? The city has been labeled as being bubonic plague-infected and business has been severely affected. Amigo, I need you to be my decoy this afternoon as I attend an important conference on the effect of bubonic plague on inner-city crime. My position is that we should help fund the research that is being developed by the government while some of my competitors are more interested in stealing the vaccine after it's completed. There will be some effort to stop me from attending this drug conference. Business is hurting too much and we need to find a solution right away!

Mike: I hadn't realized you were such a concerned citizen, Cisco, or that you were even a citizen.

Cisco: I am a proud, illegal alien and I have an identity card provided by the Mexican government to prove it. It makes little difference that I'm Colombian, another fact to be proud of. Back to business. I'll provide you a map of the route I'd like you to take while I, of course, take a much safer one. Stay in the car to keep the disguise up! Good luck, amigo.

Mike: I didn't quite follow all that, Cisco, but it sounds like you have the right intentions. If there are any fuzzy dice I'm throwing them out before I get started.

(Cisco pages Mike)

Cisco: Pull out to the main road, Amigo. Remember don't take too long or they'll become suspicious. And don't blow your cover! - Cisco.

Cisco: Watch out, amigo! The Yardies are after me, I mean you... yes, you really. - Cisco.

Cisco: Oh, amigo, I've heard the Hoods are scheming against me too, be careful. - Cisco.

Cisco: Amigo, I'm sorry to inform you of another grievous betrayal, the mafia are on to you. -Cisco.

Mike: I'm in a good mood today so I'll offer you a deal. Tell me who your boss is and what he wants. And I'll let you live.

Yardie: You're an arrogant punk, aren't you? You're in no situation to be giving orders. Say hello to my gang.

Mike: Bad mistake. You'll die like the rest.... out fast and help out Cisco.

(Mike kills the attackers)

Mike: Damn, I hope that guy was lying about Cisco. I was actually starting to like the man.


  • The reward for completing this mission is $20,000.

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