Devin Weston's House

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Devin Weston's house.

Devin Weston's House is a large house, owned by billionaire Devin Weston, located on Buen Vino Rd in Tongva Hills, Los Santos County appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The house likely acts as the base for some of Devin's buying and selling of various business interests and is also where he houses some of his expensive classic cars (including a Tornado). The house has a terraced area giving views over Los Santos County as well as having a swimming pool.

Mission appearances

In the mission Blitz Play, Michael De Santa visits Devin at his house where Devin asks him to steal some cars and, in return, promises to introduce Michael to his hero Solomon Richards. During The Third Way, the third ending option for GTA V, Trevor Philips goes to the house and, after killing the Merryweather Security Consulting mercenaries, kidnaps Devin. He places Devin in the boot of Devin's Tornado before leaving.