Drive-Thru Confessions

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Drive-Thru Confessions (left), along with the rest of the church compound, in GTA San Andreas.

Drive-Thru Confessions is a religious facility in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in Palomino Creek, Red County, San Andreas.


The facility, as implied by name, combines the concept of confessionals with the convenience of a drive-thru, allowing people to drive up to a booth to confess of any sins to a priest. However, the lack of privacy, exacerbated by the use of loudspeakers and microphone attached to the confessional box, meant that confessions can be unintentionally heard by passer-bys, especially pedestrians along a sidewalk next to the drive-thru. That said, the drive-thru is not interactive to the player or any pedestrian NPCs.

The confessional refers to itself as a "Park 'n' Pray", similar to the Pay 'n' Spray name, and is open 24 hours a day. The confessional is also featured in various GTA San Andreas media, including the official website and game manual.

Church and graveyard

Along with the confessional, there is an adjoining church and a graveyard which presumably existed before Drive-Thru Confessions was created, and occupy half a block (sharing the same block as the town's library).

The church, which is located directly west of the drive-thru, is a modest white structure constructed out of wood and featuring a belltower. Directly southwest of the church is its graveyard, which, while being rather small, features numerous tombstones and a sarcophagus in the end. The confession box, church, graveyard and the two gates in and out of the compound are linked via a series of gravel paths.

Spawned items

The Romero sometimes appears on the drive-thru while a Shovel can be found in the graveyard.


  • It is worth noting that in the Saint's Row series of games, there is a business similar to Drive-Thru Confessions known as "Forgive and Forget", which actually allows the player to clear their wanted level for a fee.