Driven to Destruction

Driven to Destruction
Zhou Ming killing causing chaos at Schottler
Zhou Ming killing causing chaos at Schottler

Zhou Ming killing causing chaos at Schottler
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Zhou Ming
Location East Island City, Dukes, Liberty City

Zhou dies.

Zhou's truck is destroyed.
Reward $150
Unlocks Trail Blazer
Unlocked by Bomb Disposal

Zhou Ming causing Chaos in Liberty City.

Driven to Destruction is a mission given to protagonist Huang Lee by club owner Zhou Ming from his club in East Island City, Dukes.


Huang Lee meets Zhou Ming at his club in Dukes. Zhou tells him that those Jamacian drug dealers are not showing any respect after he saved their cars. Zhou is not happy and wants to teach them a lesson. Huang gets into a truck whilst Zhou gets on the back flatbed with a Minigun...


Get in the truck, Zhou is already on the back and ready to go. Drive to the indicated position in Beechwood City. Once you arrive drive Zhou up to the large group of drug dealers marked as red dots. A carnage meter will now appear at the top right of your screen, you need to fill this to complete the mission. Let Zhou flatten the dealers with the minigun, you can help too if you like, molotovs work well here. Cars will also appear, let Zhou deal with them but don't be near them when they blow. After they are dead more red dots will appear on your map indicating more dealers. Drive to them and take them out. Then another bunch of dealers will appear and another, deal with them both to fully fill up the carnage meter. After the meter is full you will need to drive Zhou back to his apartment. The dealers will try to seek revenge on you but don't worry, Zhou will finish them easily. After you have reached his club drive the truck into the garage to complete the mission.


(At Zhou's Nightclub)

Zhou: Even though we have disciplined the dealers who insulted Hsin with their disrespect, for justice to be truly done, they must be taught a more serious lesson.

Huang: Would that lesson be 'next time you're reincarnated, get life insurance?'

Zhou: Something like that. I asked them if they wanted to cut me in, and they refused and threatened to run to Hsin and start bitching and moaning like women, so the fuckers are going to have to be shut up.

(At Zhou's Nightclub)

Zhou: Yet again I have delivered Hsin's justice like an avenging angel, or indomitable god or something else a bit like that. But, as usual, I get treated like a fucking butter.

Huang: Your humility is awe inspiring.

Zhou: Indeed, I have inspired myself. I've grown tired of looking for favors from chumps. I will be the next leader of the Triad, with or without Hsin's approval. It is only a matter of time.

Huang: That must be some good coke.


The reward for this mission it $150. The next mission, Store Wars is unlocked.