Bomb Disposal

Bomb Disposal
Defusing a bomb in the PSP version.

Defusing a bomb in the PSP version.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Zhou Ming
Target Hsin Jaoming's bomb vans
Location Rotterdam Hill, Dukes, Liberty City
Reward $200
Unlocks Carpe Dime
Unlocked by Flatliner

Bomb Disposal is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to protagonist Huang Lee by Zhou Ming, leader of the Ming Family, from his club in the Rotterdam Hill district of Dukes, Liberty City.


Defusing a bomb in the DS version.

Zhou tells Huang that some local drug dealers are not showing Hsin Jaoming, the Triad boss, his due respect. Hsin has planned to teach them a lesson by blowing up their "stash cars". Zhou, on the other hand wants to steal the cars and the drugs inside them. He hires Huang behind Hsin's back to accomplish this. Huang rushes to disarm the bombs that are located in three red vans next to each stash car. He disarms all three bombs, and is then ambushed by Hsin's men. Another van armed with a bomb comes barreling down the street after Huang dispatches of the last henchmen. Huang then kills the driver and passenger of the van and disarms the fourth bomb. After, the three stash cars are brought to the Ming Inn via flatbead where Huang meets Zhou for his payment.


(At Zhou's nightclub)

Zhou Ming: In his final months as boss, Hsin Jaoming is losing the respect of several major business associates and dealers. These fools act disgracefully! Their obedience to our leader should be absolute. To bring them back in line, Hsin is going to blow up the vehicles in which they've stashed their drugs.

Huang Lee: ...And we're going to help?

Zhou Ming: Fuck no! You're going to stop Hsin's bomb vans so that I can safely steal the drugs, then present myself as the only competent operator. It's win-win. Huang, you've got to grow up.

(Huang goes back to the nightclub after his task)

Zhou Ming: My cars now ...and my drugs too.


The reward for this mission is $200. The mission Carpe Dime is unlocked.