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The following is a script of the mission End of Chapter in The Lost and Damned.


Jim: Hey, here comes the big man.

Johnny: Gentlemen.

Jim: What's happening Johnny?

Johnny: Hey, what's the plan?

Jim: We spoke to that fat fuck Brian. He wants to sit down, call a truce.

Johnny: Brian wants a truce? Fuck that, let's go get him.

Jim: That's what I'd thought you'd say.


(Johnny, Jim, Terry and Clay head towards the docks)

Jim: Looking forward to seeing Brian?

Johnny: Maybe you should do the talking, man. I don't know if I can trust myself.

Jim: Hey man, last thing I want is to talk to that sniveling little shit bag.

Johnny: These are tough times. How's Jackie feel about what's going down?

Jim: She just doesn't want to see the kid grow up without a father.

Johnny: None of us do, James. Don't worry about that.

(The four arrive at the docks)

Jim: This is where he said he'd be.


Jim: He should be around here somewhere.

Jim: Keep an eye out for the little prick.

Brian: Here comes Tweedle Dum and Tweedle fucking Dumber. Billy was always good to you and you ratted him out.

Johnny: Billy is a one way S.O.B. And he don't give a shit about the brothers.

Brian: No, nuh-uh.

Johnny: You think Billy'd stick his neck out for you? You're dumber than I thought.

Brian: "You're dumber than I thought, you're dumber than I though." I knew you'd say that, just knew you'd say that. You're so predictable, Johnny Little-dick-o-witz.

Jim: What a baby.

Johnny: Yeah, and your babysitter, Billy's on the inside now. So it's bedtime for you motherfucker. Get the fuck out of town.

Brian: Not your call, Jew boy. You're the one taking a nap. Put these assholes in the ground, brothers.

(Brian's faction of the Lost attacks Johnny, Jim, Terry and Clay)

Jim: Get these traitorous bastards.


Jim: Let's take these assholes out, John boy.

Jim: Fucking Brian. Get these guys, Johnny.

Lost: Yeah. Yeah.

Lost: Yee haw!

Lost: Let's do this you Judas Assholes!

Lost: Here we go.

Lost: Whoooo. Yeah.

Lost: So long, assholes.

Lost: You're out, brothers.

Lost: Come on. Come on.

Lost: You're out, brothers.

Lost: We never wanted you in the first place.

Lost: Whoop! Whoop!

Jim: This shit is fucked up.

Jim: We're meant to be your brothers.

Jim: You fucking assholes.

Jim: Let's take these assholes out, John boy.

Jim: You're a dead man, Brian.

Jim: If Billy wasn't inside I'd kill him myself.

Jim: Anyone who's dumb enough to throw in with Brian's getting killed.

Jim: You're gonna pay for this, traitors.

Johnny: Brian, you little fuck, stay here and fight.

Johnny: This is all on you, Brian.

Johnny: Where you running to, Brian?

Johnny: Fucking Brian, you bitch.

Johnny: Part time fucks.

Johnny: You backstabbing fucks.

Johnny: Brothers for life, my ass.

Johnny: You're on the wrong side of this dispute, brothers.

Johnny: The Lost is fucked because of you, Brian.

Johnny: You're out of the club, assholes.

(If Johnny isn't in cover)

Jim: You trying to get killed? Find some cover, Johnny.

Jim: Get behind cover, Johnny!

Jim: You're going to need to find some cover, Johnny.

Jim: What are you doing? Get in cover!

(Jim spots explosive barrels)

Jim: Blow up the oil drums.

Jim: Shoot the barrels. Send The Lost MC to Hell.

Jim: Those barrels explode good, Johnny.

Jim: Explode those suckers, Johnny boy. The barrels.

Jim: Shoot the drums. The drums.

(If an oil drum is shot)

Jim: Lost MC goin' up in flames, so sad.

Jim: Ain't the flames pretty?

Jim: Jesus, man.

Jim: It's getting hot.

Jim: I always thought Brian was a double crossing little shit.

Johnny: Interesting because I thought he was actually an ass kissing double crossing little shit.

Johnny: Clubhouse ain't exactly gonna be crowded after this.

Jim: Crowded with R.I.P. plaques maybe.

Jim: Where'd Brian go?

Johnny: He sneaked away as soon as the fighting kicked off. Usual pussy move for that prick.

Jim: Feels so fucking wrong to take out brothers.

Johnny: Don't I know it, man. But what choice do we got? It's them or us!

(Reinforcements show up in a van)

Jim: Looks like Brian's got more buddies in this van.


Jim: Dammit, Brian's brought in some fucking ringers.

Jim: Shit, Brian's got some more fools coming in the van.

(Another van of reinforcements show up)

Jim: Eyes open, Johnny. There's another van of 'em on it's way.


Jim: Another van coming.

Jim: We got another van full of these pricks coming, man.

(Reinforcements show up on bikes)

Jim: Cavalry incoming, man.


Jim: Man, I had no idea Brian was this popular. Who the fuck are these punks?

Jim: Assholes on bikes, watch it John.

(More reinforcements arrive)

Jim: More assholes, look out.


Jim: Watch the van.

(More reinforcements on foot arrive)

Jim: Look out! Check that wall, Johnny.


Jim: Watch the perimeter, man. They're coming over the wall.

Jim: They're coming over the wall, man.

(Brian's faction is killed and more show up on bikes but leave)

Jim: Johnny boy, get your bike. These fools are trying to get away.


Jim: Come on, man. We can't let these pricks get away.

Jim: These guys start a fight, they gotta finish it. Let's chase 'em down.

(Johnny and Jim begin to chase the bikers)

Jim: Pour on the coals, Johnny. Come on.

Jim: Pin it, man. We can't lose 'em.

Jim: Twist the wick, my brother. These guys aren't getting away.

Jim: Faster, Johnny.

Jim: Hit the throttle, man. We gotta catch them.

(Johnny kills the bikers)

Johnny: Too bad, fucko.

Johnny: So long, you back-stabbing Judas prick.

Johnny: That taste nice, asshole?

(Johnny kills the bikers and returns to Jim)

Jim: Looks like we're about all that's left of the Alderney chapter, man.

Johnny: We don't need numbers, man. We need brothers. And that's what we got left. You, me, Angus, Terry, Clay - brothers.

Jim: You're right about that.

Johnny: Shit, I wish we'd pinned down Brian. That little weasel.

Jim: He'll turn up soon enough.

Johnny: Yeah. Maybe. See you soon, brother.

Alternate dialogue

Jim: I got another one of those calls from the cops or the feds or whoever.

Johnny: What'd you say to 'em?

Jim: I told them to go fuck themselves. I may be an asshole but I won't talk about my brothers. That much I do know.

Jim: When this shit calms down, you should come round and see the kid.

Johnny: Yeah, I'd like that.

Jim: Jackie cooks a mean pot roast, man. I live for that shit.

Failing the mission

Brian's faction escapes

Johnny: Those damn traitorous bastards got away from us, Jim. I'm sorry.

Jim: Don't apologize, Johnny. Brian's the one with something to be sorry for. Another time.