The following is a script of the mission "Entourage" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Niko: I'm here to see Mr. Gravelli. I was sent by a mutual friend.

Bodyguard: C'mon. Uh,someone here to see you. Here.

Gravelli: So you're the one who's getting involved with that nonsense for my... dear friend James Pegorino.

Niko: I don't know what the...

Gravelli: Spare me. please, I'm an old man. I ain't got much time left. Our mutual friend told me everything. Thank you. it made me laugh...

Niko: My pleasure.

Gravelli: People are so damn vain.

Niko: Some people.

Gravelli: All people. Even you, even me, an old man facing the end... and I still care, care how I look, care that when I shit myself, the pretty nurse has to clean it up... it's ridiculous.

Niko: Yeah, well uh... you know...

Gravelli: And I care about my legacy. I've worked hard for this, this line of work. Now, some Russian assholes think they can march in and take control of rackets my family has run for fifty years.

Niko: You mean fifty years of you bleeding the city dry might finally come to an end?

Gravelli: I know, it's a terrible tragedy. But if it wasn't me, it would just be someone else. So it might as well be me.

Niko: Yes.

Gravelli: Let me tell you - that faggot friend of yours, Bernie Crane? His boyfriend... he's being blackmailed. By them damn Russians. They want him to put certain contracts up for tender, windows, bus lines, cleaning. Ones we control. These Russian fucking bastards are trying to finish us.

Niko: What do you want me to do about it?

Gravelli: I want you to work with me.

Niko: In exchange for what?

Gravelli: The police have a file on you an inch think... in exchange for that... in exchange for that guy you've been asking about being brought here from wherever it is he's hiding, Switzerland or some shit.

Niko: Okay. Good. What do you want me to do?

Gravelli: A good friend of mine is coming into town to give a speech on the new threat to Liberty City - Russian organized crime. I got a feeling some people ain't gonna want that speech to happen. Maybe the guy you love, this Dimitri Rascalov, has an interest in keeping this story out of the press. Make sure our boys gets to City Hall. He's coming in from upstate. He'll be at Grand Easton Terminal on Bismarck. Thank you.


(Niko drives to Grand Easton Terminal)

Niko: You guys waiting for me?

Guard: Niko Bellic, right?

Niko: Yeah, that's me.

Guard: Stay in convoy with us all the way to City Hall, alright?

Niko: Sure.

(Niko gets in the car and begins driving with the convoy as Bobby Jefferson speaks to Jon Gravelli on the phone)

Jefferson: Jon. How are you? Of course. I'm coming to see you as soon as I've delivered the speech. Don't say that, Jon. You'll be feeling like a teenager again in no time. Those are the wonders of modern medicine. I'm going to bring up everything we discussed. When I'm done at the podium, Mayor Ochoa is going to be dedicating half his annual budget to cleaning this problem up. He doesn't want to start getting reckless with the lives of Liberty City voters. No Jon, if it's your problem, it's my problem as well. Take a deep breath, Jon. That's it. I'll talk to you later.

(If Niko's car doesn't keep up)

Jefferson: You think you know a better route?

Jefferson: Where do you think you're going?

Jefferson: Come on, cowboy. Get back in line.

Jefferson: We're not on a sightseeing tour. Get back to the convoy.

Jefferson: We were driving with those other cars for a reason.

(If Niko rams into another convoy car)

Jefferson: Hold on a minute.

Jefferson: Easy boy.

Jefferson: Control yourself.

Jefferson: Watch it.

Jefferson: This is a city vehicle.

(If Niko exits the car)

Jefferson: Get back in the car.

Jefferson: I don't have time for this.

Jefferson: Where're you going?

Jefferson: You see something?

Jefferson: This isn't City Hall.

(The convoy comes across a road block)

Jefferson: Driver, why is this road closed? Is there a problem?

(The convoy comes across another road block)

Guard: Another road block, this definitely wasn't mentioned on the traffic report. I'm gonna go and move the barriers.

(The driver gets out and talks to a construction worker who pulls out a pistol and shoots him)

Niko: Come on, Mr. Jefferson. Let's get out of here.

(A Russian wielding an RPG destroys some of the cars)

Jefferson: They won't stop at anything, these people. If I get out of this, punks like Dimitri Rascalov are going to wish they never got off the boat here.

Guard: Up there.

Guard: Up on the roof.

Guard: Eyes up.

Guard: Hostiles on the roof.

(More attackers show up)

Guard: Check down the street.

Guard: Over there.

Guard: More hostiles.

Guard: They're coming up the road.

(The attackers are killed)

Jefferson: You've got to get us to the Civic Citadel.

(More attackers show up in cars)

Niko: You are quite a popular man, Mr. Jefferson.


Niko: More Russians wanting to kill you, how about that?

Niko: It looks like these men really want you dead, Mr. Jefferson.

(Niko loses the pursuers)

Jefferson: That was a mistake they didn't want to make. If you're going to try to take out a politician, you better take him out for sure.

Niko: Thanks for the advice.

Jefferson: American gangsters like Jon Gravelli understand the way life works, they get the limits of their power. In Europe the politicians are as crooked as the gangsters. They don't understand that things are different here.

Niko: Yeah, sure. You are as clean as the driven snow. I'll explain that important cultural difference to one of these Russian gangsters if our paths cross.

(Niko gets Jefferson to the Civic Citadel)

Jefferson: I don't know who you are, but you got me here. Goes to show, some immigrants have the best interest of the country in their hearts. I'll tell Jon you did well.

Alternate dialogue

(Niko picks up Bobby Jefferson)

Jefferson: Jon. It's great to be back in Liberty City. I feel safe here when I know I've got your people looking out for me. Well, we both watch out for one another then. We wouldn't survive in this shitty world if we didn't. Jon, you sound terrible. Don't worry about me. You should be putting all your energy into getting better. The speech is fine, Jon. Before Mayor Ochoa knows it, half the LCPD will be learning Russian and patrolling Hove Beach. Don't mention it. Alright Jon, I'll come see you after the speech. Yeah, all the best.

(The attackers are killed)

Jefferson: This country is falling apart. There's no law anymore. Jesus.

Niko: That's what happens when you try taking control out of the hands of people like Jon Gravelli, I guess.

Jefferson: That's when the people from abroad smell weakness. They come to this country and think that it's for the taking.

Niko: Isn't that the famous American dream?

Jefferson: The American dream's a fairy tale. It was never meant to be taken literally.

Post mission phone call

Niko: Mr. Gravelli. I took that friend of yours to City Hall. He should be giving his speech any minute.

Gravelli: You did good. Heard you had some trouble along the way. You can always rely on those Russians to try something. How are we supposed to compete with these immigrant criminals when they want it so bad?

Niko: You're working with me, aren't you Mr. Gravelli? See you later.

Failing the mission

Bobby Jefferson dies

Niko: You ain't gonna hear no speech at City Hall today.

Gravelli: What do you mean? Bobby Jefferson is dead? I expected better from a man with your reputation. I guess we keep making the same mistakes no matter how old we get. Goodbye.

Scaring Bobby Jefferson

Gravelli: I just got a call from Bobby Jefferson's people telling me that you were too busy screwing around to get him to City Hall?

Niko: Hey, fucking around's a full time job.

Gravelli: Kid, you are something else. I haven't had someone bust my balls like that in years. You made a dying man smile, but don't think about screwing up or screwing with me again, or we'll have a real problem.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Bodyguard: Clock the fire escape.

Niko: Come on. Keep close.

Jefferson: Courage under fire.

Niko: Don't go too far.

Niko: Follow me, Mr Jefferson.

Bodyguard: Get the client out of here. We'll hold these guys back.

Jefferson: I can't believe they're trying this.

Jefferson: I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't held your head back there. Thank you, son.

Jefferson: I hadn't been in a fire fight since my army days.

Jefferson: If I get my hands on these bastards...

Jefferson: John's boys better get me out of this.

Jefferson: Let's go down this alleyway. Find a vehicle.

Niko: Stay close if you want to survive..

Niko: Thank Jon Gravelli, he's the one paying me to be here.

Jefferson: They don't respect anything.

Bodyguard: They're on the stairs.

Niko: You need to stick to me.