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Screenshot of the Eris website, featuring different inspirational slogans. is the official site for the Eris brand of shoes. The name of the site itself is misspelled, saying "footware" instead of "footwear". Whether or not this was intentional by Rockstar is unknown.


Image Name Description
Asaltacunas-GTAIV-shoe.png Asaltacunas Named after Ernesto Asaltacunas, the design is inspired by baseball. The show has a Velcro-tab fastening and its toecap has a mirror.
Badonkadonk-GTAIV-shoe.png Badonkadonk
Hancock-GTAIV-shoe.png Hancock Named after Tyrone Hancock
Kombatt-GTAIV-shoe.png Kombatt
NDanger-GTAIV-shoe.png NDanger
Pawz-GTAIV-shoes.png Pawz
Pinch-GTAIV-shoe.png Pinch
PumpUpLtd-GTAIV-shoe.png Pump Up Ltd.
Turbo-GTAIV-shoe.png Turbo
WASP-GTAIV-shoe.png WASP Could be a reference to the term "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant".