Exercising Demons - Trevor/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Exercising Demons - Trevor", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Trevor, having arrived at a small security base in Vinewood Hills and sees MaryAnn arguing with her boyfriend Adam)

MaryAnn Quinn: Always the same bullshit. I don't care what you say. Shut your mouth! Shut it, shut. Just keep it shut. Oh, you know full well exactly what you didn't say. It's no good. Well, you can be surrounded by your young girls, and your threesomes, and your parties and you will be miserable. You could have had it all with me. A beige condo. Matching woollen sweaters. Walks on the beach. A little dog we'd lavish too much attention on because I'm too scared of getting fat to get pregnant. Everything! Well, fuck you! And I don't care that we just met last week, alright? Just stop looking at me. Don't look at me.

(Adam looks away;)

MaryAnn Quinn: Oh, say something! Oh, I wish you were dead, I really do.

(Trevor punches Adam, knocking him out, and turns to MaryAnn)

Trevor Philips: Oh, I love you! Oh, let me take you away from all of this.

(Trevor hugs MaryAnn)

MaryAnn Quinn: You flippin' psycho! He was going to impregnate my eggs via a surrogate.

Trevor Philips: Me? Me, the psycho? No... you are the craziest fucking chick I've ever met. I love you.

MaryAnn Quinn: You're thin. You're irrationally angry. Nothing you say makes any sense. You are... completely have no control of your emotions, we have nothing in common.

Trevor Philips: Oh, baby, we're made for each other.

MaryAnn Quinn: Prove it. On the bike. Now!

(MaryAnn, already on her bike, begins to cycle away)

Trevor Philips: Oh, sweet Jesus. Hold up, baby. W... w... wait, I'll get ya.

(Trevor begins to race MaryAnn)

Trevor Philips: You are just perfect, crazy cakes!

(Trevor overtakes MaryAnn)

MaryAnn Quinn: Oh no, don't tell me I gave you the carbon bike!

Trevor Philips: You're incredible. Marry me, be done with this.

MaryAnn Quinn: Shut up. Don't talk to me.

Trevor Philips: I defended your honor. I took out the alpha male. Evolution demands that we rut like beasts.

MaryAnn Quinn: Oh, God, spare me the misogynistic law of the jungle bullshit.

(If Trevor overtakes MaryAnn again)

MaryAnn Quinn: Fuck, where did you come from?

(Trevor continues to race MaryAnn)

MaryAnn Quinn: You're so gonna crash.

(Trevor and MaryAnn begin cycling along a footpath after a brief period on the road)

Trevor Philips: That volcano of issues inside you, I want to see it erupt!

(Trevor and MaryAnn continue to race)

Trevor Philips: Just think of all the angry revenge sex!

MaryAnn Quinn: I'm not having sex with you, get that through your thick head.

Trevor Philips: Okay, then jack me off into a cup, slap me around. We got options, baby.

MaryAnn Quinn: You need help.

Trevor Philips: We both do. It's a recipe for disaster - that's why it's so perfect!

(Trevor approaches the finish line)

Trevor Philips: You got this.

(Trevor wins the race)

Trevor Philips: Whooooo!! I win. Come on!

MaryAnn Quinn: Come on, what?

Trevor Philips: Sex reward. That's how this works.

MaryAnn Quinn: You're deluded. Spurt your genome in a gym sock.

Trevor Philips: Oh fuck, I love you! Hold me!