Exercising Demons - Trevor

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Exercising Demons - Trevor
Game GTA V
Protagonist Trevor Philips
For MaryAnn Quinn
Objective Win a race against MaryAnn Quinn.
Location Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Fail MaryAnn Quinn is assaulted
Losing the race
Unlocked by Reuniting the Family
Time Limit 1:42 (for gold medal completion)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be part of)

Exercising Demons - Trevor is a Strangers and Freaks missions in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Trevor Philips by MaryAnn Quinn in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos.


Trevor Philips arrives at the end of Mt. Haan Dr and sees MaryAnn Quinn arguing with her boyfriend Adam. She tells Adam he knows what he did and that he will be miserable being 'surrounded by your young girls, and your parties'. She tells Adam he could have had 'it all' with her and not to look at her. She then asks him to say something but before he can he is punched by Trevor Philips. Trevor professes his love for MaryAnn and hugs her. MaryAnn pushes him away and walks over to Adam, who has been knocked out, and tells Trevor she planned to have him impregnate her eggs using a surrogate. Trevor, who MaryAnn had called a psycho, calls her the craziest woman he has ever met. She begins walking to her bicycle and states that the two have nothing in common. She begins to move away from Trevor saying that he should prove that they are similar by beating her in a race. Trevor quickly gets on to Adam's bicycle and the two begin racing around Vinewood Hills, including around the Vinewood Sign. While racing Trevor states that the two must be together as he proved he was the alpha male by knocking out Adam, which MaryAnn ignores. After winning the race, Trevor suggests a 'sex reward' but MaryAnn cycles away.


  • A prompt in the mission misspells MaryAnn's name as Mary-Ann.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Good Cyclist Win without cycling into MaryAnn Quinn.
Quick Win Win the race within 1 minute 42 seconds.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos
(3 minutes and 14 seconds in)