Fernando Martinez

Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez in 1986
Fernando Martinez in 1986

Fernando Martinez in 1986
Appearances GTA III
GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Vice City Stories
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full Name Fernando Martinez
Place of Birth Upstate Liberty
Home Vice City
San Andreas
Liberty City
Upstate Liberty
Main Affiliations Christy MacIntyre
Lionel Makepeace
Businesses Fernando's New Beginnings
Voiced by Frank Chavez

Fernando Martinez is a recurring radio personality in many Grand Theft Auto games, starting with Grand Theft Auto III.

3D Universe

His career dates back to 1984, as the co-host of Emotion 98.3. He originally shared the show with Lionel Makepeace, who was often at odds with him and did not understand Fernando's poetic monologues about passion and lust. He hosted the show himself by 1986. Martinez also does commercials for Medallion Man in Vice City.

He was forced out of Vice City for some reason, and moved to San Andreas where he became the improvised host of Lonely Hearts on WCTR in 1992.

In Grand Theft Auto III, he runs a programs called Fernando's New Beginnings, where husbands relieve the stress of married life by getting a mistress. He is interviewed on Chatterbox FM by Lazlow - when asked about his background, he says he is "Latin" but later admits that he is from Upstate Liberty. Lazlow ends the show by yelling "You're just a cheap pimp from Upstate, get out of my studio!".

HD Universe

In 2008, Fernando is the host of Episodes from Liberty City exclusive radio station Vice City FM. He admits that he has several children, he is a registered sex offender not allowed within 200 yards of a school, and has a sexually transmitted infection.

By 2013 he moved to Los Santos and began hosting The Fernando Show alongside his producer Jo. Fernando attempts to show a new side to his personality having received 'treatment' for his womanising ways. He interviews Sue Murry before expressing his love for her, shortly before she leaves the interview.


  • Fernando is amoung the few characters to cross over from the 3rd Era, along with Lazlow, Jack Howitzer and the mascot Derek the Dodo.
  • Fernando Martinez is the second most heard DJ in the GTA III and IV era games, only to be beaten by Lazlow.
  • It is unknown if Fernando is related to Jerry Martinez, because they have the same last name.