Sue Murry

Sue Murry
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Sue Murry


Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Businesses Elementary school teacher (formerly)

Sue Murry is a Democratic candidate for governor of San Andreas, appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.

She is a liberal candidate for the gubernatorial race in San Andreas. Her rival is Jock Cranley. She promotes herself as "a successfully divorced schoolteacher who knows how to talk down to normal people like a real liberal". She taught at Los Santos Elementary for several years. Her 'simple plan' to get the state of San Andreas back on its feet again is a massive increase in government spending and a big investment in public radio. She proposes a 25% state tax atop a 49% federal tax, totaling a massive 74% tax.


  • Sue is hoping to make San Andreas combustion engine free by 2016. She has a protest letter written for her supporters to send to Globe Oil CEO Brett Crawford on her website.
  • In real life, many female politicians in California had been schoolteachers prior to politics. Congresswomen Diane Watson and Maxine Waters had specifically taught at public Los Angeles elementary schools.