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The following is a script of "First Date" in Grand Theft Auto IV. The mission is unlocked by a phone call to or from Michelle.

Phone Call

To Michelle

Niko: Hey, Michelle, it's Niko. Roman's cousin.

Michelle: Oh, hi. How's it going?

Niko: Good, I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me sometime? You know, on a date?

Michelle: Yeah, sure. That could be fun. Yeah, I'd like to get to know you, Niko. Why don't you come over to my place whenever? See you soon!

From Michelle

Michelle: Hey Niko, it's Michelle. We met with Mallorie, Roman's girlfriend.

Niko: I remember, what's up Michelle?

Michelle: I don't normally do this, but I thought you'd probably be pretty lonely having just moved to Liberty City and all.

Niko: You do not normally do what?

Michelle: You're not making this easy for me, are you? I'm asking you out on a date.

Niko: I am sorry, I am still not used to how things work here in America. A date would be good. I am getting sick of hanging out with Roman all the time. How about I pick you up from your apartment?

Michelle: That sounds good. See you soon.


(Niko rings Michelle's doorbell)

Michelle: Coming... Who is it?

Niko: Hey, it's Niko.

(Michelle opens the door and let's Niko in)

Michelle: Hey... I'm just finishing my hair. Come in.

Niko: Thank you.

Michelle: I'll be with you in a minute.

Niko: Did you just move in?

Michelle: No... why?

Niko: All your stuff is new. Some even still have tags on.

Michelle: Yeah, well... I like things clean.

Niko: I can see that... but, er... everything is new.

Michelle: Yeah. I'm kind of obsessed with cleanliness... things get on my nerves and I just throw them out. OCD or something?

Niko: Oh.

Michelle: So... where are you taking me?

Niko: Ah... you look good

Michelle: Aw, thanks...

Niko: I don't know - I'm new here. I thought maybe we could go to the, uh... funfair.

Michelle: Yeah, great! Let's go - love the funfair! Actually we call it, um, "carnival" here. Just a little difference. Ah... whoop-de-doo!


Niko: So, Michelle, what do you like to do?

Michelle: What do you like to do?

Niko: Come on, I asked you first.

Michelle: I like to keep active I guess. Sports, working out, things like that. I'd like to know about you though. See the places you hang out.

Niko: Yeah. maybe another time.

(Niko and Michelle arrive at the carnival)

Michelle: You know, the carnival isn't open this time of year. I don't know if it would pass safety regulations anyway.


Michelle: The carnival's closed, Niko. I think some big developers have bought it or something.

Michelle: Niko, the carnival isn't open. I think they're going to turn it into a big Las Venturas style theme park.

Michelle: There's a bowling alley over on the boardwalk. Why don't we play a few frames?


Michelle: Hey, there's a bowling alley up here. We should play.

Niko: Sure, bowling sounds like fun.


Niko: Cool. Let's go bowling then.

Michelle: Thanks for taking me out. I haven't been on a date for a while. I'm kind of lonely here.

Niko: I thought you were doing me a favor by going out with me. You're the local.

Michelle: I'm not a local in Liberty City. I came here from somewhere..

Niko: Where?

Michelle: Oh, the Midwest. You probably know more people here than me.

Niko: More assholes maybe.

Michelle: Here we are, this will be fun. Let's play a few frames.

(If Niko wins)

Michelle: You're good Niko. That was fun. Will you take me back home now?

(If Niko loses)

Michelle: I thought you'd be better at that, Niko. We had fun, didn't we? Will you take me back home now?

(If the game ends in a tie)

Michelle: Good game, Niko. We had fun. Will you take me home now?

(If the game ends early)

Michelle: Shame we couldn't finish that game, Niko. It was fun playing though. Can you take me back now?

Niko: I'm not going to make you take the subway.


Niko: Of course I'll take you home. Let's go.

(While walking towards Michelle's car)

Niko: So, you don't know many people here in Liberty City. No boyfriends or husbands or anything?

Michelle: No, I'm guess I'm married to my job.

Niko: Well, what do you do?

Michelle: What do you do?

Niko: Come on, I asked first...

Michelle: I work with Mallorie. What do you do, exactly?

Niko: You're a hard girl to talk to, Michelle.

Michelle: I guess you're not used to talking to American women.

Niko: I guess.

(Niko drives Michelle back to her home)

Michelle: So, what are you doing here in Liberty City, Niko?

Niko: What's anybody doing here? I don't know.

Michelle: I think you do. There must be something that made you leave your home and come here.

Niko: Roman's bullshit stories maybe. I just felt like I needed a new start.

Michelle: There's nothing else about Liberty City then, just Roman?

Niko: Maybe there is more to this place, I'm not sure yet.

(Niko drops Michelle off)

Michelle: That was nice. I'm really interested in seeing you again.

Niko: Yeah. That would be good. I'll give you a call.

Michelle: Please do, Niko. See you soon.

Alternative Dialogue

Niko: I feel like I should have been more organized. Had a better plan for our date. What do you like doing?

Michelle: I just want to get to know you, Niko. See the places you hang out. The people you associate with.

Niko: You already know Roman. I don't hang out with anybody else really.

Michelle: You will, give it some time.

(Niko arrives at the carnival)

Michelle: It's nice to get out of the apartment.

Niko: Why's that? You do a lot of work or something?

Michelle: I'm working the whole time. Sometimes I think all I am is my job.

Niko: A lot of people feel that way. It's hard to keep what you do from taking over your life.

Michelle: You're right there.

Alternate dialogue (Bleed Out completed)

During Bleed Out, the player will receive a text message from Michelle:

Niko, where did you go? I couldn't find you. Did something important come up? Are you involved with some bad people?

Michelle: So, Niko, why couldn't you come on the date earlier? What happened?

Niko: Roman got himself into some trouble. I had to help him out.

Michelle: Really? Does Roman get himself into a lot of trouble? Is he involved in criminal stuff?

Niko: Roman? He's made some mistakes, got involved with people he shouldn't have but really he is a legitimate businessman.

Michelle: What about you?

Niko: I'm just trying to make the right decisions.

Other dialogue

(If Niko leaves Michelle behind)

Michelle: I thought you left me here.

Michelle: What have you been doing? Nothing illegal, I hope.

Michelle: Hey, where'd you run off to?

(If Niko drives recklessly)

Michelle: I hope the police didn't see that.

Michelle: Jeez Louise.

Michelle: This poor car.

Michelle: You're going to need to take this to the shop.

Post mission phone call

(If Bleed Out is not completed, the player will receive a phone call from Roman)

Roman: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to protect me from those crazy loan sharks you attacked, Niko.

Niko: You shouldn't have borrowed money from them in the first place, Roman. Anyway, I was seeing Michelle. I thought you wanted me to date her?

Roman: Not when it means me getting beat up and sent to hospital. Come and pick me up, cousin. And at least tell me that you got her titties out? Maybe then your betrayal would be worthwhile. They were nice titties, yes?

(declining to pick Roman up)

Niko: You're an animal, Roman. Nothing can stop you being horny. Look you'll have to have some fun with the nurses because I can't pick you up. See you soon.

(picking Roman up)

Niko: You're an animal, Roman. Nothing can stop you being horny. I'll see you soon.

(Niko picks up Roman from the hospital)

Roman: There is is the man who chose cooch before his cousin. I hope she was worth it. Will you drive me back to the office, cousin? Argh. How was she cousin? Tell me how she was. I wondered about Michelle when I first met. If she was not a friend of Mallorie's it would be me with the smell of tittie on my breath and you who ended up in hospital.

Niko: Firstly Roman, my breath does not smell of titty. Secondly, I don't think that our loan shark friends could hospitalize me. I can look after myself.

Roman: All the more reason why I should have hooked up with Michelle. Everyone would be a winner.

Niko: Yes, well, I will not let these men treat you like that again. I'm sorry for letting you down, Roman.

(Niko drops Roman off at the depot)

Niko: Roman, I apologize again for not being there for you. You have done a lot for me since I got here.

Roman: The choice between some titties and your safety would have been difficult for me as well. Don't worry, Niko. Call me soon.

Post mission text message

If the player chooses to pick Roman up then abandon him

Why did you leave me behind, Cuz? That's not cool. You cut out on me like I was a one night stand. Rom.

Failing the mission

Michelle is scared off

Niko: I'm sorry about that, Michelle. I get carried away sometimes.

Michelle: I didn't realize you were so violent, Niko. Have you got caught up with the Hove Beach criminals?

Niko: I can look after myself Michelle, don't worry about me. Sorry again.

Michelle is abandoned

Niko: Sorry I had to run out on our date, Michelle. Something important came up.

Michelle: Is that a fact? You haven't gotten involved in anything dubious here in Liberty City, have you? You'd tell me if you had, wouldn't you?

Niko: We don't know each other very well, Michelle. I'll talk to you soon.

Michelle's car is destroyed

Niko: I'm sorry about the car, Michelle. I can get you a new one.

Michelle: Do you mean you'd steal one? Have you got caught up with the Hove Beach criminals, Niko?

Niko: Forget about it, I'll talk to you soon, bye.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Michelle: Great, we're here. I'd like to play a few frames, wouldn't you?

Michelle: I can't wait for ever, Niko. Come on.

Michelle: Let's go, now!

Michelle: Niko, what are you doing?

Niko: See you, Michelle.