First Date (GTA IV)

First Date is also the name of a mission in GTA San Andreas.
First Date
Niko Bellic and Michelle inside Michelle's apartment
Niko Bellic and Michelle inside Michelle's apartment

Niko Bellic and Michelle inside Michelle's apartment
For Michelle
Objective Take Michelle to the Firefly Island bowling alley
Location Firefly Island and Rotterdam Hill
Fail Michelle's death.
Shooting or beating up the clerk at the bowling alley.
Any acts of violence toward pedestrians.
Firearm discharge.
Destruction of Michelle's car
Reward Ability to date Michelle
Unlocks Dating in the game
Unlocked by Three's a Crowd

First Date is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by Michelle from her apartment. The mission is one of the two options given to the player, the other being "Bleed Out".


Niko receives a phone call from Michelle asking him to go out on a date. When Niko arrives at ther apartment, he comments to Michelle her house is very clean, and she asks him where he is taking her. Niko suggests the "funfair", to which Michelle accepts. The two get in Michelle's car and drive to Firefly Island, talking about what made Niko leave his country and what is Michelle's job.

Michelle notes that the carnival is closed for repairs and suggests the two play a few frames of bowling. The two walk to the bowling alley and play a game of bowling. When they finish, they get back to the apartment and Michelle tells Niko she is interested in more dates with him.


The player does not receive any rewards other being able to date Michelle.

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  • Little Jacob, Patrick McReary and Dusty Cowpoke cameo during the introductory sequence of the mission explaining friendships and girlfriends in GTA IV. Little Jacob can be seen eating in front of a Burger Shot and selling arms from the back of his car, Patrick is depicted setting off a car bomb, while Dusty Cowpoke is seen walking out of Perestroika (with a cowboy hat).
  • The bowling alley marks the border between the neighborhoods of Firefly Island and Beachgate. However, since the carnival is in Firefly, the bowling alley is said to be Firefly as well.
  • If the player quits the bowling game even before it starts, Michelle will just say something like "shame we couldn't finish that game" and still remain happy with the date.
  • Despite the mission instructing the player to take Michelle to Firefly Island, playing any sort of activity will suffice for the mission; for instance, playing pool at the Homebrew Cafe.
  • If the player decides to save Roman Bellic in "Bleed Out" prior to this mission, the topic of the conversation between Niko and Michelle in the car will initially focus on why Niko missed his initial appointment with Michelle as well as Roman's dealings.
  • If the player points any weapon at Michelle's head, she will just crouch but remain happy, however when Niko fires the gun, Michelle flees (but eventually meets with Niko for him to apologize to her).
  • Michelle runs off screaming if Niko repeatedly damages her car, but if not, she allows Niko to keep the car at the end of the mission.
  • During the cutscene Michelle said, that she likes things clean, when Niko asked her about the tags on stuff in her place.
  • You can tell how well the date is going by the type of excuse Michelle will come up with for why the carnival is closed.