Francis International Airport a Center for Smuggling

Francis International Airport a Center for Smuggling is an article in the Liberty Tree newspaper written by Frederic Pierce in August 2001.


Liberty City's airport, Francis International, is believed to have developed into a center of smuggling and illegal immigration. Customs Officials are ramping up their efforts to rid our city of the dangers of untaxed goods and unwanted workers. "Our airport is about as secure as a tent in a hurricane," said one unnamed source, referring to the industrial action that had stopped effective searching of foreign flights and the paucity of immigration checks. "We're supposed to be protecting America, and we're about as helpful as a hot dog stand at a vegetarian convention," he said, continuing a theme of dreadful analogies that ran through our interview. "Only last week, we arrested an old Chinese man whose papers were as fishy as a mackerel left out in the sun for 3 days." The Chinese man is being detained until Immigration discover a good reason for kicking him out of the country.

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