Old Oriental Gentleman

Old Oriental Gentleman
Appearances GTA III
Full Name Old Oriental Gentleman
Aliases Elderly Asian Man
Oriental Gentleman
Oriental Friend


Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth East Asia
Home Liberty City
Unknown location
Main Affiliations Donald Love

The unnamed "Old Oriental Gentleman" is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto III (set in 2001). Despite only making four appearances, he nevertheless serves as a crucial catalyst in a plot point of GTA III's storyline. He does not speak in any of his appearances.

Character history

The Old Oriental Gentleman, at some point prior to October 2001, is contacted by Donald Love and agrees to come to Liberty City to teach him Tai Chi. He arrives on October 18 on one of Love's private jets and is arrested by Ray Mathers, Head of Immigration at Francis International Airport, for ""failing to satisfy INS that he had a valid reason for entering the country", having no propert traveling documents (a passport, visa, "nor a platinum credit card to bribe his way through customs"). His original destination also remained unknown to the authorities and also refused to claim asylum or ask for refugee status. He was later taken to a high security penitentiary before his intended deportation.

He is later transferred from Staunton Island to Portland, with Claude and 8-Ball, but is kidnapped by Colombian Cartel gangsters as the convoy crosses the Callahan Bridge. This kidnapping allows both Claude and 8-Ball to escape, setting in motion the games events. He is later held captive by the Cartel, who plan to extort money from Donald Love, who they had a history with. Claude, having later moved to Staunton Island, is employed by Love to rescue the Old Oriental Gentleman, a task he completes, and he is later seen joining Love for a round of T'ai Chi. Love later tasks him with authenticating a mysterious delivery retrieved by Claude. Claude later returns to the Love Media building but discovers that both the Old Oriental Gentleman and Donald Love have disappeared.


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