A Morton in Grand Theft Auto 2.

The Morton is a car appearing in Grand Theft Auto 2.



The Morton is depicted as a two-door softtop coupe or convertible with a generally wide but short body design, lending to the presumption that the car isn't intended for speedy travel. As the internal name of the car is MORGAN, the Morton's name is believed to be derived from that of the real-life Morgan Motor Company, but the car doesn't not strictly bare resemblance to any Morgan cars, being far shorter and more wider than all the aforementioned cars, and lacking the distinctive leaning/curved radiator grill at the front. The car does, however, share the same front fascia arrangement as Morgans manufactured from the 1950s onwards.


The Morton has little practical use other than for casual travel from one place to another, as the car possesses a low top speed (but with an average acceleration). It does, however, have good steering and responsive brakes. When crushed, the car awards player a Get Outta Jail Free Card.