Weapons in GTA 2

Weapons in Grand Theft Auto 2 consist of a mixture of existing equipment brought over from Grand Theft Auto 1 and additional weaponry that range from the realistic to the outlandish, in line with its futuristic settings. The weapons offered include firearms carried by the player, in addition to vehicle-mounted weaponry.

Weapons in GTA2 may be picked up in a wider variety of methods; in addition to conventional weapon pickups throughout the city, the player may acquire weapons by crushing vehicles or from deceased gang members and law enforcers.

Weapons carried over from GTA 1

The core weapons from GTA1 were entirely carried over to GTA2, with a few minor improvements, but are otherwise similar as its predecessors.

Name Image Damage per round Rounds per ammunition unit Description
Melee attack None; activated when no firearms are selected. n/a n/a Essentially consisting of punches that temporarily incapacitate a target, melee attacks are virtually ineffective in killing people.
Pistol (Slot 1)
½ 1 As is the case with GTA1, the Pistol is a firearm that fires a small number of bullets at a time and is considered the weakest available weapon in the game.
(S-Uzi) Machine Gun (Slot 3)
¼ 10 A firearm that fires a rapid succession of bullets, faster than the Pistol. However, the weapon's bullet damage is only half of that of the Pistol.
Flamethrower (Slot 6)
10 n/a A fire-based weapon that releases a stream of flames, burning people and similarly damaging vehicles.
Rocket Launcher (Slot 8)
10+ 1 A rocket-propelled grenade launcher that fires rockets designed to explode on impact, generating additional splash damaged in its vicinity.

Weapons introduced in GTA 2

Portable weapons

GTA2 introduced 6 news portable weapons, two of which are merely modifications of the original firearms, while the remaining four are newly designed, consisting of two guns and two thrown weapons.

Name Image Damage per round Rounds per ammunition unit Description
Dual Pistol (Slot 2)
½ 2 Basically a pair of Pistols, allowing the player to fire double the number of bullets at a time in a V formation.
Silenced S-Uzi Machine Gun (S-Uzi) (Slot 4)
¼ 10 A Machine Gun with a suppressor, designed not to attract attention from pedestrians, gang members and the police when fired.
Shotgun (Slot 5)
2 ½ 1 A firearm more suited for close quarter combat, the Shotgun shoot pellets that disperses as it travels further, reducing its effectiveness with increased distance.
ElectroGun (Slot 7)
n/a n/a A futuristic weapon designed to fire bolts of electricity at a target. Unusually, the player must continue to fire the gun at a target for two second to kill him, or he will escape unharmed. The weapon is also weak in damaging vehicles.
Molotov Cocktail (Slot 9)
10+ 1 A thrown weapon that functions similarly as the Grenade but explodes at impact. The Molotov Cocktail is notably effective in destroying Tanks.
Grenade (Slot 10)
10+ 1 A thrown weapon designed to explode seconds after the player tosses it, its explosion equivalent to that of the Rocket Launcher.

Vehicle-based weapons

Like standard vehicles, players cannot normally fire a weapon from a vehicle. However, specific vehicles or upgrades allow the player to activate a number of lethal or non-lethal weapons while in a vehicle. Upgrades are typically available by acquiring a weapons pickup, or upgrading a vehicle in a specific garage at a cost, while readily armed vehicles may also be obtained under certain conditions.

Unlike portable weapons, HUD icons for vehicle-based weapons are highlighted in orange instead of green.


Name Image Damage per round Rounds per ammunition unit Description
Vehicle Mine
10+ 1 Proximity mines designed to be dropped from the player's car. The mine will detonate when any vehicle is in contact, destroying it in the resulting explosion. The Mine is suited for evasive or offensive missions.

Mines can be purchased and armed on the vehicle the player is in at Gold Mines for $50,000 in the Residential and Industrial Districts only.

Vehicle Oil Slick
0 1 Vehicle mounted oil tanks designed to dump a trail of slippery oil behind the player's vehicle. Any vehicle in contact with the oil slick will evidently lose control, making the upgrade ideal for evasions.

10 rounds of oil slicks can be purchased and armed on the vehicle the player is in at Hell Oil for $10,000.

Vehicle bomb
10+ 1 An explosive device installed in any vehicle. The bomb may activated at the player's digression and is programmed to detonate 5 second after the bomb is primed by the player (while in the vehicle). The ensuing explosion's splash damage may destroy surrounding vehicles, including a Tank (which would otherwise be resistant to explosions).

The vehicle bomb can be purchased and armed on the vehicle the player is in at Red Army Surplus for $5,000.

Vehicle machine gun
¼ 20 Essentially two Machine Guns that simultaneously fire two streams of bullets from the front of the player's vehicle, ideal for destroying vehicles in a chase.

The vehicle machine gun can be purchased and armed on the vehicle the player is in at Smith and Heston's for $25,000. Each visitation loads the vehicle with additional 25 rounds.

Readily mounted weapons

Name Image Damage per round Rounds per ammunition unit Description
Machine Gun (Land Roamer)
¼ 10 A mounted gun on an Armed Land Roamer, shooting only one stream of bullets as opposed to two on conventional vehicle machine guns. Each Armed Land Roamer provides 20 units of Machine Gun ammunition.
Water Cannon
n/a n/a A water cannon found only on a Fire Truck. The cannon is capable of pushing people back, killing them eventually, but is very weak in this regard.
10 n/a A flamethrower mounted on a Fire Truck during the "Fire Truck Fun!" rampage. As the weapon is exclusive to the rampage, it has unlimited ammunition. It can also be obtained via the Wang Cars bonus.
Rocket Launcher
10 1 A Tank-mounted rocket launcher that passes as the Tank's turret. The Tank's Rocket Launcher functions similarly as the conventional Rocket Launcher, firing projectiles that explode on impact with any object or person.

Deleted weapons

At least two weapons have been known to be cut during development of the game. While inaccessible in the final retail version of the game, their weapon icons still exist in game files.

Name Image Damage per round Rounds per ammunition unit Description
n/a n/a A electric-based melee weapon baton that does not cause damage to pedestrians and cars. It can still be used for script mods. It fires a bullet wich forms an electrical arc from the player to the other player/pedestrian. If a player is hit with the bullet he can not run anymore, only walk like a normal pedestrian, but can still control the character.
Instant Vehicle Bomb
10+ 1 A vehicle bomb that explodes instantly when the triggered.


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