Gardening with Maurice

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Gardening with Maurice was a radio talk show that aired from around 1992-2001. It was on the San Andreas radio station WCTR in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Maurice, the host of the show, is an exhibitionist who likes to take pictures of himself in the nude, or as he puts it, "when I'm blossoming." He photographs himself along with his flowers when they are also blossoming. The callers are primarily female. The show is most famous for having a caller from Bone County complaining why she isn't growing any flowers due to Bone County being in the middle of the desert in Las Venturas. In Grand Theft Auto III, a caller asks about flowers; Lazlow says "this isn't Gardening with Maurice, that's on later," to which the caller replies "No, he got taken off the air," assuming the show came on in Liberty City. This means that the show either aired nationally, or moved to Donald Love's Chatterbox FM sometime after 1992.