Grand Theft Wiki:Medals

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Medals are awards given to users of Grand Theft Wiki for service on the site by the Managers. Only Managers have the authority to award medals, and the official awardees will be listed on this page - no other members are allowed to display medals.

Users do not have a right to a medal after a certain number of edits or being registered for a certain length of time - they are awarded purely on the individual assessment of that users contribution to the site.

There are currently three medals in use: Distinguished Service Medal, Protection Star and Red Cross.

Distinguished Service Medal

The Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to those members who have contributed consistently well to Grand Theft Wiki.

Awarded to:

Protection Star

The Protection Star is awarded to members who have been tireless in their fight against vandalism, and in keeping the wiki clean and operational.

Awarded to:

  • nobody

Red Cross

The Red Cross is awarded to those members who have devoted their own time to helping others.

Awarded to:

See the categories for lists of where the medals are shown: DSM, PS, RC