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Collecting the Ruger left by Juan Cortez.
Challenging Lance Vance to accompany you in protecting Ricardo Diaz.
Driving to the meet.
Meeting up with Diaz.
Shooting at an attacking Haitian.
Shooting at the two Haitians by the Burrito.
A Haitian steals Diaz's money.
Chasing down the Haitian with the money.
Meeting up with Diaz and returning his money.

The following article is a walkthrough of the mission Guardian Angels for Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Mission Walkthrough

Meet up with Colonel Cortez. He will inform you that that Vice City drugs baron Ricardo Diaz is looking for some protection for a drug deal with the Cubans. He then tells you that he has left you some "protection" at the Washington Avenue Multistorey Car Park, and asks you to go to a multi-story car park in Washington Beach to pick up a weapon he has left for the job.

After the cutscene finishes, you will be given the following instructions:

The Colonel has arranged you some firepower at the multistory car parking.

Drive to the car park and pick up the weapon provided. There is a Cheetah provided to you next to the marina if you need it. As soon as you pick up the weapon, you will be shown a cutscene of a white Infernus driving next to you. Lance Vance then emerges from the car. Tommy then challenges Lance to accompany him to the deal to protect Diaz rather than tailing him, which Lance agrees to do.

As soon as the cutscene finishes, you will be given the following instructions:

Go with Lance to the drop off and watch over Diaz.

Drive to the alleyway in Ocean Beach. It is a short distance from the same section of alleyway where you killed Leo Teal and met Lance for the first time. Drive into the halo to activate the cutscene of Diaz driving towards you in his grey Admiral. He and you will engage in a short conversation, before you and Lance decide to go off to your lookout spots.

As soon as that cutscene finishes, run up to your lookout spot and enter the pink halo. you will then be shown a cutscene of the Cubans driving to the deal, and the two party will begin negotiations shortly after that cutscene finishes. All seems good, until some Haitians choose to crash the meet. You will the be given the following instructions:

Haitians! They're busting the deal! Protect Diaz!

Quickly kill both the Haitians. If you are not quick enough, they will shoot Diaz, reducing his health. Shortly after you kill those Haitians, another pair of Haitians will arrive in a Voodoo. Kill them. After you kill them, a Burrito full of Haitians will pull up. Three will get out to shoot at Diaz, while one will run up the stairs to kill Lance. Kill the three Haitians attacking Diaz, then kill the one attacking Lance. After you kill that group, a second Burrito will drive behind you. Four Haitians will emerge and start firing at Diaz. Quickly kill them. They are just a short distance away from Diaz, and if you do not kill them quickly enough, the Haitians will reduce Diaz's health. Once you have dealt with those Haitians, a third Voodoo of Haitians will pull up. One of the Haitians will try to kill Lance, while the other one will try to kill Diaz. Kill the one attacking Diaz first, then kill the one attacking Lance. After you have killed those Haitians, a cutscene will trigger. In the cutscene, two more Haitians will arrive on Sanchezes and steal a briefcase of Diaz's money. Lance kills one before he can escape but is unable to prevent the other, holding the briefcase from escaping. A very angry Diaz will shout at you to chase down the Haitian.

After the cutscene finishes, you will be given some instructions:

Grab the bike, chase him down and get Diaz's money back!

Get down from the platform you are standing from, grab the Micro SMG provided, eget on the Sanchez and chase down the Haitian. Chase him down and shoot him off his bike. Once he is dead, you will be given the following instructions:

Collect the briefcase and take it back to Diaz!

Once you have collected the briefcase, you will be given your final set of instructions:

Take the briefcase back to Diaz!

Get back on your Sanchez and drive back to Diaz's Admiral. Mission Passed.

Video walkthrough

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