Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels
Juan Cortez telling Tommy Vercetti that local drug baron Ricardo Diaz is looking for some protection for an upcoming meeting between himself and his men and the Cubans.
Juan Cortez telling Tommy Vercetti that local drug baron Ricardo Diaz is looking for some protection for an upcoming meeting between himself and his men and the Cubans.

Juan Cortez telling Tommy Vercetti that local drug baron Ricardo Diaz is looking for some protection for an upcoming meeting between himself and his men and the Cubans.
Game GTA Vice City
For Juan Cortez
Target Haitians
Location Washington Beach, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Death of Ricardo Diaz
Death of Lance Vance
Killing the Cubans or Diaz's men before the Haitians appear
The Haitian escapes with the money
Reward $1,000
Unlocks The Chase
Starfish Island
Unlocked by Mall Shootout

Guardian Angels is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by retired Colonel Juan Cortez from his yacht docked in Washington Beach, Vice City.


Tommy Vercetti, after retrieving the guidance chips in the previous mission, returns to Juan Cortez' yacht for a meeting. Cortez tells Vercetti that Ricardo Diaz is looking for some protection for a drug deal with the Cubans. Cortez tells Tommy to go to a multi-story car park in Vice Point to pick up a weapon he has left for the job. Vercetti goes to the car park and collects the weapon, shortly after which he meets Lance Vance for the second time. Vercetti challenges Vance to accompany him to the deal to protect Diaz rather than tailing him, which Lance agrees to do.

The two drive to an alley in Ocean Beach where they meet Diaz and his men, preparing for the deal. Vercetti informs Diaz that he is looking for more gainful employment before he and Vance take up positions on roof access walkways. The Cubans arrive and the deal begins but is quickly interrupted by the arrival of the Haitians, in a Voodoo, who begin to open fire on Diaz, his men, and the Cubans. Vercetti and Vance kill the attacking Haitians who are then replaced by Haitians arriving in a Burrito, who are once again killed.

Two more Haitians arrive on Sanchez dirtbikes and steal a briefcase of Diaz' money. Vance kills one before he can escape but is unable to prevent the other, holding the briefcase, who is then chased and killed by Vercetti. Vercetti collects the briefcase and returns it to Diaz, who leaves in his Admiral.


(Cortez's yacht. Tommy Vercetti and Colonel Cortez)

Juan Cortez: Thomas, I apprieciate your coming. Forgive me for getting straight to business. Diaz has asked me to oversee a minor business transaction.

Tommy Vercetti: Let's hope it goes better than last time, huh?

Juan Cortez: Which is why I though of you, my friend. I've dropped some protection at the multi-story car park. Pick it up - then go watch over Diaz's men at the drop off. Gracias, amigo.

(VC Marina, Tommy Vercetti)

Tommy Vercetti: Diaz, huh? Apparently that angry midget runs this mad house. Let's see what that creep has to do with things.

(Multistory car park, Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance.)

Lance Vance: Hogging all the action, I see...

Tommy Vercetti: Look, you wanna do something other than just shadowing me everywhere? Why don't you come along and show me if you're any use.

Lance Vance: I might just do that. The name's Lance, by the way.

Tommy Vercetti: Tommy Vercetti, let's go...

(Alley, Tommy Vercetti, Lance Vance and Ricardo Diaz)

Ricardo Diaz: You must be Cortez's new gun.

Tommy Vercetti: Until more gainful opportunities arise. They'll be here any minute - we both better get a good vantage point...

Lance Vance: OK, I'll take the balcony. You get the roof across the yard.

(If Tommy shoots at the first Haitian Voodoo.)

Haitian: Sheeitt

(If Ricardo Diaz takes out some Haitians)

Ricardo Diaz: Those Haitians think they can take on RICARDO DIAZ!!

(If Tommy Vercetti destroys a car.)

Lance Vance: Damn!!

Tommy Vercetti: I got you covered!

(If Lance Vance gets attacked by a Haitian)

Lance Vance: Hey Tommy, I need some help up here!

(Two Haitians on yellow Sanchezes steal the money.)

Ricardo Diaz: MY MONEY! Don't just stand there you pricks, chase the Haitian dickhead down!

Lance Vance: Tommy! I'll stay here and watch over Diaz.

(Alley, Tommy Vercetti and Ricardo Diaz)

Ricardo Diaz: I live! Dickheads! And it's all down to you! What is your name?

Tommy Vercetti: Tommy.

Ricardo Diaz: I see you soon amigo, I think.

Tommy Vercetti: Shit, where's that guy Lance?

Post mission phone call

Ricardo Diaz : Tommy, is Ricardo Diaz. I want to thank you for looking out for me my man. I ask that prick Cortez, he say you the real deal, my friend, why you not come see me. I need a guy like you. All I have now is dickheads, dickheads everywhere, yo. I make you real rich.


The reward for successful completion of this mission is $1000. The mission The Chase for Ricardo Diaz is unlocked. Starfish Island is now unlocked to the player and the Ruger is unlocked for purchase at the Ocean Beach Ammu-Nation store.


  • The Admiral driven by Ricardo Diaz in the mission is bullet-proof, fire-proof, explosion-proof, damage-proof, and pop-proof. The Admiral is also a unique shade of light grey.
  • The Cuban Hermes and the Voodoo that spawn next to the player after passing this mission both have pop-proof tires. However, moving out of the alleyway will make these cars disappear.
  • Once the mission is passed, a Sanchez with improved handling can be found behind the Cuban Hermes and the Voodoo. It can only be obtained by passing the mission. Much like the Cuban Hermes and the Voodoo, moving out of the alleyway will make the bike disappear.
  • If the player kills Diaz's men and/or the Cubans before the Haitians arrive, the player will fail the mission. However once the Haitians arrive and start firing bullets at the Cubans and Diaz's men, killing them will not affect the mission.
  • It is optional to stand on the staircase's platform to do the mission. The player can do the mission on ground level.
    • It is also optional to replace the Ruger with the M4 in this mission. However, before meeting with Diaz, the player must venture to Prawn Island, get inside the film studio to collect the M4, and return to Diaz.
  • The mission name is based off of a real life Guardian Angels.


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