Hostile Negotiation/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Hostile Negotiation" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pre mission phone calls

Mallorie: Niko. I'm getting worried. Roman didn't get back at all last night.

Niko: He likes to party. He stays out late the whole time. You know what he's like.

Mallorie: Not on my watch he don't. Something ain't right.

Mallorie: Niko, I think Roman has been kidnapped. I heard he owes some Russians money. A friend of mine saw him at that card club on Hunt Point.

Niko: He owed them money?

Mallorie: He never tells me anything. I heard they took him to a warehouse off Lompoc in Bohan Industrial.

Niko: I'll check it out.


(Whilst heading to the warehouse, Niko gets a text message from Dimitri. Niko can call Dimitri who'll comment on this)

Niko: I got your message Dimitri, you piece of shit. You're a dead man. A dead man. Before you die I'm going to cut your face off. Then I'm going to hang it on my wall to remind me what a lying, cheating, treacherous scumbag looks like. Goodbye, friend.

(Niko arrives at the warehouse)

Roman's kidnapper: If you want to walk out of here, Slav, you are going to have to think about how you will pay your debt. A friend of mine, Dimitri Rascalov, he would pay a lot of money for your cousin.

Roman: I'll get you the money, just not that way.

Russian: Shit, what the fuck is this?

Russian: Is not police.

(Niko begins fighting the Russians)

Niko: This is it for you.

Niko: Come on. Test me! Test me!

Niko: You will not harm my cousin.

Niko: You will not harm my cousin.

Niko: Who do you people think you are?

Niko: No one fucks with my family.

Niko: I am leaving here with Roman.

Niko: You will pay for what you've done.

Niko: Take my cousin, will you?

(Niko gets close to Roman)

Roman: Cousin, I knew you'd come for me!

Roman: Get up here, Niko! Quickly!

Roman: Niko! Niko! I'm up here!

Roman: Up here, Niko! Up here!

Roman: Make them suffer, cousin.

Niko: Hang in there, Roman.

Niko: You won't need to wait much longer.

Niko: Your pain is over, cousin. I'm coming.

Niko: I'm coming, cousin.

Niko: These people will wish they did not take you, Roman.

Niko: Cousin, they will pay for taking you.

Niko: Cousin, I'm coming.

Niko: I'm here for you.

Niko: You'll be free soon, Roman.

Russian: Good thing we did not kill the fat cousin.

Russian: We were hoping you would come, Bellic. This party is for you.

Russian: You think we care about stupid gambling debt? We care about killing you.

Russian: Think you a big hero. This was a trap, asshole.

Russian: You might not have come if we cut his head off.

Russian: Mr. Rascalov will be so happy when he sees your dead body, Bellic.

Russian: It is you who is in danger, Bellic. Not your fat cousin.

Russian: Your death could have been so much more painful if you gave us some time.

Russian: You early, Bellic.

Russian: Mr. Rascalov will be very please you have come, Bellic.

Russian: We have had to put up with your fat cousin's whining.

Russian: Dimitri was right. You come to collect your fat cousin right away.

Russian: Good thing we did not kill the fat cousin.

(Niko finds Roman being held at gunpoint by the kidnapper)

Roman: Shit, no. Please, no.

Roman: I don't want to die, Niko.

Roman: Niko, please, help me.

Roman: Can't we just all be friends?

Roman: This is not so good, cousin.

Kidnapper: You are Niko Bellic. Turn around and walk away or your cousin is dead. I am not afraid of death. When she comes for me I shall embrace her. I hope that Roman has the same inner peace.

Niko: Let him go.

Kidnapper: Fuck you, you are causing your cousin's death by being here.

Kidnapper: Get back or I will cut off his fucking head.

Kidnapper: I haven't got all day. Leave here.

Kidnapper: Step away or he will be slaughtered like a pig.

Kidnapper: Time is ticking, get out of here.

Kidnapper: You will get away or he will die.

Kidnapper: Your cousin will die if you come close, I promise this.

(If Niko gets close)

Kidnapper: Back off, Bellic. My finger is twitching.

Kidnapper: Stay away or he is dead.

(If Niko shoots and misses the kidnapper)

Kidnapper: That was the wrong choice, Slav.

(Niko shoots the kidnapper and frees Roman)

Roman: Thank you, cousin. You saved my life.

Niko: We should get out of here.

Roman: There's a car. Take me home, cousin.

Niko: What happened, Roman? You have been gambling. I give you money. How are you in debt?

Roman: There are cycles, cousin. You must lose a little to win a lot. Come on. My cards are not good.

Niko: Roman...

Roman: That man knew Dimitri. He was trying to make me give you up to him. I would never...

Niko: Of course you would not. Dimitri has taken this too far.

Roman: He wants you dead. Bohan is not safe. I'm going to get us a place in Algonquin.

Niko: Are you okay?

Roman: I'm used to taking these beatings, Niko. I almost expect it now. Wherever I got there are people who want to kill me. Men, who will kidnap me. I'll never marry Mallorie. I won't be able to sleep with another college girl. There is a knife hanging over me. A clock is ticking.

(Niko drives to the Bohan safehouse)

Roman: Man, this is out of control.

Niko: I know.

Roman: What are we going to do?

Niko: I don't know.

Roman: We are going to die. I don't want to die, man. Not like this.

Niko: How would you like to die?

Roman: Having a threesome on my hundredth birthday... I don't fucking know! I'm scared you cold bastard. What are we going to do?

Niko: I'm not cold.

Roman: You're cold... all you care about is revenge and getting your own way.

Niko: And all you care about is money, and gambling it away on the internet. Oh! Isn't America great? I get to sit in front of a computer and play Mr. Rich Man and get into debt with crooks.

Roman: Okay, I messed up... I know I did. I thought things would be different. I don't understand this place so good. Oh, man. What are we going to do?

Niko: Stop sitting in front of the computer gambling our money? Stop getting into illegal card games? Stop spending all our money?

Roman: Yes...

Niko: Thank you.

Roman: And stop thinking about the Russians. Man, we just need to disappear as far as they are concerned. Disappear!

Niko: Okay, okay. But I want Florian and Darko. I need to know what happened. Give me that.

Roman: Fine. But leave the Russians alone.

Niko: I was not the one gambling in their private club.

Roman: I didn't know... give a guy a break.

Niko: Okay! Okay.

Roman: Okay. I 'm going to clean up. I have a nasty feeling I had a bit of an accident back there. And, Niko...

Niko: What?

Roman: Thanks.

Alternate dialogue

Niko: Who were those men, what happened? That seemed like a lot of protection to be giving a man who ran up some gambling debts.

Roman: You're right, at first it was just the debt then they found out my name. They connected me to you and what happened at Hove Beach. Dimitri Rascalov was on his way to that warehouse, they wanted me to give you up. I would never...

Niko: I know you wouldn't, Roman. I thought we were done with Dimitri when we got out of Hove Beach. Both he and Bulgarin know how to hold a grudge.

Roman: You know how to hold a grudge as well, Niko. Don't forget about that.

Niko: I could never forget that, Roman.

Roman: We have to get out of Bohan, maybe it is time to go to Algonquin. We can disappear in Algonquin.

Niko: Only for so long. We will be found eventually no matter where we go. Confrontation and or peace will be our choices at some point. I know the option I am leaning toward.

Roman: I'd go for anything as long as I could be guaranteed safety, that's all I want. Shit.

Post mission phone calls


Roman: Cousin, I have bought us a present.

Niko: You bought it, or I did?

Roman: Niko, I'm offended. I've got us an apartment in Algonquin. What did I say when you got here? Penthouse, model on each arm.

Niko: And you have paid for this place? It wasn't so long ago that your debts got you kidnapped by the Russian mob.

Roman: That was a cold streak. Now I'm hot, cousin. Hotter than the models we'll be bedding. I can't lose.

Niko: Roman, we have spoken about your gambling.

Roman: Wait until you see the new place, NB. You will change your song. So what, I took on a little debt?


Dimitri: Niko, it's Dimitri.

Niko: I have nothing to say to you.

Dimitri: I nearly ran into your cousin the other day. My friends were hanging out with him. The party got busted up though before I got there.

Niko: I wish you had been there. We could have had some fun.

Dimitri: Not as much fun as I would have had with Roman, believe me.

Failing the mission

Roman is killed

Niko: Mallorie, they had Roman in the warehouse. I came too late.

Mallorie: Too late, what do you mean? Niko? Niko?

Niko: I am sorry.

(If the player waits too long)

Kidnapper: Time ran out for your cousin.

Kidnapper: My shot is not so hard to miss.

Kidnapper: I guess you did not care for him.

Kidnapper: They told me you were cold...

Kidnapper: You waited too long, Slav.

(If the player gets too close to the kidnapper)

Kidnapper: I told you I had boundary issues.

Kidnapper: You shouldn't have invaded my personal space.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Mallorie: Hey Niko. You seen Roman?

Niko: I thought he would be wining and dining the woman he loves?

Mallorie: If he calls you, tell him the women he loves wants to see his ass at home.