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Impounded is a cut mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mission would have taken place after "High Stakes, Low Rider" and would have been given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando from his home in the El Corona district in Los Santos, San Andreas. The dialogue and help text from the mission remains in the game files[1].


After the race, Johnson gets a phone call from Vialpando inviting Johnson to his house to work on Johnson's car. Johnson arrives at his house with a car and hangs out with Vialpando. Vialpando wants to check out Johnson's car but as they walked toward the street, Johnson's car disappeared and he thinks it had been towed. Vialpando suggests Johnson to retrieve his car from the impound lot. Johnson manages to retrieve his car from the impound lot and returns to Vialpando's place safely with the car.


(CJ gets phone call)

Carl Johnson: "Now who's the loser?"

Cesar Vialpando: "Eehh, I guess I am, holmes."

Carl Johnson: "Ooh shit, Cesar, sorry man. I thought you was Kendl. We got this thing going since we were kids."

Cesar Vialpando: "That's OK, ese. You drove good today."

Carl Johnson: "Yeah, thanks."

Cesar Vialpando: "Anyway, I call to invite you over. Your sister say we should hang out, get to know each other."

Carl Johnson: "Eerr, OK, what you got planned?"

Cesar Vialpando: "You wanna see my garage? I got some beer."

Carl Johnson: "Yeah, OK."

Cesar Vialpando: "Bring a nice car, holmes, I'll tune it up for you."

Carl Johnson: "For sure. I'll see you later."

(End of phone call)

(Mission intro)

Carl Johnson: "Que pasa, Cesar!"

Cesar Vialpando: "Hey, Holmes! There's some beers up on the bench right there. Just got to finish up under the hood, eh."

Carl Johnson: "So, eerr, how are you and my sister doing?"

Kendl Johnson: "Just fine, CJ. So, how are you and, eerrm - Who are you seeing at the moment?"

Carl Johnson: "You know me, I ain't found the right girl yet."

Kendl Johnson: "You ain't never going to find the right girl coz you treat them all like shit."

Cesar Vialpando: "Easy, angel, man don't find love, love finds man, eh carnal."

Kendl Johnson: "Yeah, I guess it does..."

Cesar Vialpando: "So, CJ, let's see your wheels."

Carl Johnson: "They ain't nothing special, just, you know..."

Cesar Vialpando: "Let Cesar work his magic, I'll make it special." (Goes to car but car is gone) "Hey where is it?"

Carl Johnson: "What the fuck?

Cesar Vialpando: "Hey I thought you said your ride was here."

Carl Johnson: Oh shit, it's been towed! Damn! What's the matter with this city? They're always towing people's shit!

Cesar Vialpando: "Fuck holmes!"

Carl Johnson: I didn't even hear them! Did you hear them? Damn! What are they, the secret car-towing service? Fuck! Damn!"

Cesar Vialpando: "Don't worry, holmes. We can get it back. I know where the impound is. It's cool. Be back in a bit, baby..."


PC Version


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