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Frank Tenpenny gives Carl Johnson his instructions after punching him in the stomach for talking back.

Frank Tenpenny gives Carl Johnson his instructions after punching him in the stomach for talking back.
Game GTA San Andreas
For C.R.A.S.H.
Target Retrieve the dossier
Location Prickle Pine, Las Venturas
Fail Player Character Death, shooting down the agent's helicopter with the agent/witness and dossier still inside it, letting the agent/witness escape
Reward Nothing

Misappropriation is a mission given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Officer Frank Tenpenny in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas during CJ's stay in Las Venturas. It can be accessed through their residence in Prickle Pine, Las Venturas.


There are a few ways to complete this mission:

First, get a vehicle, preferably a motorcycle, then proceed to Aldea Malvada in Tierra Robada. Once there, kill the agents guarding the handover. CJ will then receive a warning that the agent is escaping through a helicopter, so follow him or destroy the helicopter with a heavy weapon if you have one. He will land in a helipad in The Emerald Isle, Las Venturas. Kill him when he lands. The player should be alright as the agent is only armed with a Micro SMG. If the player does not kill him before he reaches his Buffalo, then you will have to give chase and eventually, he'll go to an underground parking area, where more FBI agents will be firing at you with Micro-SMG's.

Snipe the agent before he spots you on the hill.

Go up to the agent and shoot him dead, then get off of the hill and away from the other agents.

Take a Rustler and use it to shoot down the helicopter.

If you don't get the dossier in time, another officer will grab it, kill him to retrieve it again.

The Sea Sparrow behind Verdant Meadows, or if the player received all Gold medals in flight school, the Hunter can also be used to shoot down or follow the other helicopter, and as the gun can be aimed, unlike the Rustler, and the Sea Sparrow and Hunter can travel at the same speed as the helicopter the agent uses, unlike the Rustler which goes much faster, they can be seen as ideal vehicle choices for this mission.


(Tenpenny and Pulaski are having a barbecue outside a house. CJ turns up.)

Tenpenny: Hello, Carl. Been a long time, huh?

CJ: Yeah, I was starting to miss you guys.

Tenpenny: Now why don't I believe you? Get over here! Now things have developed since the last time we met. Despite our best efforts the gig's nearly up.

CJ: I'm sure you'll find some way to keep your badge, your kind always do.

Tenpenny: You still don't get it, do you, Carl? This ain't about keeping some fucking badge!

Pulaski: Hey, listen to the man.

Tenpenny: We're all the same, Carl - you, me. We're all trying to pull ourselves out of the hole. Somebody steps on me, I gotta step on you.

Pulaski: Where's Hernandez with that fucking meat? He's been gone too long, Tenpenny.

CJ: Getting a little edgy, fellas?

(Tenpenny punches CJ in the stomach. CJ falls to the ground.)

Tenpenny: How d'you like that, you piece of shit? That give you any idea how edgy I am?

(The barbecue's flame blasts out.)

Pulaski: Woah! What the fuck?

Tenpenny: (to CJ) Get up, bitch! You paying attention? Now there's a ruined town out west of here, Aldea Malvada. And there's some piece of shit DEA officer meeting with an FBI agent with a dossier. Now you get the dossier and you make both of them disappear.



  • Strangely, when the helicopters of the FBI agent and the player fly over Area 69, neither will acquire any police attention, and therefore, won't get shot by the Surface-to-Air Missiles.
  • The FBI agents carry an AK-47 and a Micro-SMG, strangely, only during the mission will they use AKs, but if you are able to get the dossier before he goes into the helicopter and complete the mission with them around after the mission they will be using Micro-SMGs.
  • There is a Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher with 10 rockets in it somewhere in the ruin after the mission.
  • The player can actually steal the agent's bullet, fire, damage, and explosion-proof Buffalo with this trick.
  • This mission is a good opportunity to steal the FBI Rancher or the Mesa parked at the FBI outpost, as the FBI Rancher is hard to obtain and the Mesa is very rare in the game.


As usual, Tenpenny's missions have no reward whatsoever. CJ only gets a simple text indicating that he passed the mission.


The sequel to the mission is High Noon, which should be available after completing the mission Freefall for Salvatore Leone.

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