Prickle Pine

The eastern end of Prickle Pine, as seen to the west in GTA San Andreas.
Prickle Pine location

Prickle Pine is a mostly residential district of Las Venturas, San Andreas that is located on the north end of the city. To the south is Julius Thruway North. There is a Brown Streak Railroad that goes south of the district. The Yellow Bell Station is located there, to serve the people living there. To the west, there is a golf course, called the Yellow Bell Golf Course. To the east is the Spinybed district.

Prickle Pine is the most, if not only, affluent residential district in Las Venturas. Residents are quite wealthy, which explains the many luxury vehicles that are parked in front of houses, as well as those that roam the streets. Prickle Pine also contains the second largest safehouse in the game; the first being Madd Dogg's Crib.

Prickle Pine is based off Spring Valley, a suburb of Las Vegas.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Prickle Pine is the place where Carl Johnson tracked Millie Perkins to in the mission Key to Her Heart, to start dating with her and get the key card for Caligula's Palace for it to be robbed by Wu Zi Mu and the San Fierro Triads. Carl can visit Millie and go to dates even after she gives him the card; anyway, she will become useless later, because she will not give Carl a special ability like the other girlfriends.

Later in the game, but earlier than the return leg segment of the storyline, corrupt C.R.A.S.H. officer Frank Tenpenny calls Carl from here, for the mission Misappropriation.



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