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The following are dialog and mission scripts as seen during "Overdose of Trouble" in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


Maria Latore: Oh hey baby... Oh I thought you'd never make it.

Toni Cipriani: What is wrong with you?

Maria Latore: Oops! Nothing, baby it's all good.

Toni Cipriani: Get up you crazy bitch. What have you taken now?

Maria Latore: Taken now? Nothing much. You know, a couple of, a couple of greens, a couple of heavy reds. Oh and these great pills I'm getting from Holland now. Pure as hell! I feel great. No, I don't. I need zap, and I'll be fine! They're here somewhere.

Toni Cipriani: What's a zap?

Maria Latore: A zap? You don't know what a zap is? Ah, Toni, you are so square! Toni, I love you.

Toni Cipriani: Come on, make sense.

Maria Latore: I need a zap Toni. I'm gonna die! I felt like this before, I've OD'd. Get me a zap, Toni! I left them at Callahan Point.

Toni Cipriani: Don't just sit there then come on!

(Toni drives Maria over to Callahan Point)

Maria Latore: Why have you bought me here? My stuff isn't here... this is where Wayne used to hang out. ... I remember! I've got some zap stashed in Hepburn Heights!

Biker: Hey, it's that bitch Maria! And that's the fuck who killed Wayne!

(Toni drives toward Hepburn Heights, being followed by the Bikers)

Maria Latore: I hid the zap behind the trashcan!

(Toni and Maria arrive at the location)

Maria Latore: Shit! The trash's been taken! Wait! I remember! I've still got a stash at my apartment!

Toni Cipriani: Are you sure this time?

Maria Latore: Of course I'm sure.

(Toni drives to Maria's apartment)

Maria Latore: I meant Salvatore's place! I meant Salvatore's!

Toni Cipriani: For crying out loud, Maria!

(Toni drives Maria to Salvatore's home)

Maria Latore: What kind of driver are you? That took ages! I could have OD'd. I'm a mess. I'm gonna need a new wardrobe, a little nip-and-tuck, the works! Honey... have you got some money?

Toni Cipriani: Er... not really...

Maria Latore: Well, what the hell have you been coming to me for? I'm Salvatore's girl! He's loaded! Don't you ever hit on me again!