Phone 7

Phone 7, also referred to as the "Bottom Middle Phone", is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 given to The protagonist.


You receive a call saying Sonetti received a shipment in and that it is sitting in a vehicle in west Guernsey City. You, being hero to everyone, must go pick it up. When you get in, however, you realize that the truck was fixed with explosives and must carefully drive it to Vesuvio in northwest Hackenslash. After getting the bomb disarmed, you have to then take it to Seymour Reamer's place in west Guernsey City. When you finally arrive, you receive a message saying that Seymour called not wanting the truck, and now you must take the truck to Crazy Bob's place in east Hackenslash. Once again, the truck becomes armed with explosives and in order to teach Seymore a lesson, you have to drive it back to his garage in west Guernsey City. After parking it in his garage and letting it explode, you see Seymour running for it. Simply chase him down and shoot him to end the mission.

Text Strategy

Out park S, big W to end, big S.
Big N to end, big E, small S.
S, small S, at corner cross S, cross big S, follow small roads S.
Follow smalls N, big E, between parks small N.
Garage for bomb.
S, big W, when arrow points S go small S, follow smalls S.
Garage, steal car.
Run over guy. END!

Video Strategy