Phone 8

Phone 8, also referred to as the "Bottom Phone", is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 given to The protagonist.


You receive intel that Sonetti has a deal going down in southeast Estoria and that you must waste them all. After the deed, you must drive to Vega's pad in southwest Brocklyn. Once the vehicle is dropped off, you receive another message saying that Bubby is feeling a bit randy and that he wants the mayoress, so now you must travel to north Island City and pick up a limo there. After obtaining the limo, you hear the mayoress is doing an opening in northeast New Guernsey City. When you pick her up, her bodyguards will start firing, but simply drive quickly away and take her to a garage in southeast Fort Law to finish the mission.

Text Strategy

Steal fast car.
Out park E, big N, big E, bridge, big S, big E follow S, big E bridge, big S bridge, along west sidewalk for crate for CARD, small E before bridge, follow, big E.
Run over guys.
Big W, bridge, S alley next to bridge, big S, bridge, small E.
In building to garage.
Small W, big N bridge.
Steal Limo.
N, small W before bridge, follow N, big W, small W, cross, big S, when arrow points E go small E, follow.
Follow S/W, big N, arrow E go big bridge E to end, big N.

Video Strategy