Printing Plates Courier

The Printing Plates Courier is an unnamed minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. She appears in-game as the courier for the Triad's counterfeit money printing plates. There is no voice actor for the Printing Plates Courier, as she doesn't speak in her only appearance in the game


The Printing Plates Courier, at some unknown point in time, became a courier and started working for the Vice City Triads and the Counterfeit Syndicate. She was then ordered to deliver some counterfeit money printing plates to Vice City, presumably for the Triads. However, before she arrived at Vice City, the Vice City Triads Boss, cracking under pressure, leaked information about the delivery to Tommy Vercetti, who found about the delivery. In the Print Works asset mission Hit the Courier, Tommy drives to Viceport and kills the courier and her bodyguards, steals the printing plates and drives back to Viceport

Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City