Private Eye

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Private Eye
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Raul
Objective Drive Helen around south Los Santos to follow her fiance to his after work meeting.
Location San Andreas
Fail Helen is killed
Reward Minimum of $173
Unlocked by Purchasing the Downtown Cab Co.

Private Eye is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Raul shortly after purchasing the Downtown Cab Co. It should be noted that the mission itself has no name with the name used here taken from the reward text after the mission, which mentions the "Private Eye Bonus".


Franklin Clinton, while driving around southern San Andreas, receives a phone call from Raul, the manager of the Downtown Cab Co., asking him to pick up a special fare. Franklin agrees and drives to Amarillo Vista where he picks up Helen. She explains that she is engaged to a doctor working at the Central Los Santos Medical Center and asks to be taken there. During the journey, she explains that she has read his emails and suspects he is having an affair and wants to follow him to his meeting with a woman after work. After arriving on Capital Blvd, the two spot the doctor pulling away from the hospitals parking lot and the two follow him driving recklessly throughout the city. He eventually pulls into the parking lot of an apartment building on Palomino Ave with Helen paying Franklin for his services. She then gets out of the car and shoots the mistress and, after a brief conversation, her fiance.