For prostitution in general, see Prostitutes.

Prostitution is a type of business in Empire Building in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


  • Small-time: $3,000
  • Medium Venture: $5,900
  • High-roller: $8,800

This and two other businesses (Protection Racket and Loan Shark) can be constructed without access to Vice City Beach.


Pimping is an empire mission in the prostitution business. It can be triggered by entering the brothel and approaching the marked gang member. The mission is similar to the Pimping mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The primary goal of the mission is to chauffeur prostitutes in a Polaris V8 to their clients within a time limit, though situations can occur during the travel.

  • A client can run away without paying. The player must kill the client by any means.
  • A client can beat up and attempt to murder the girl. The player must kill the client by any means.
  • A client can attempt to kidnap the girl. The client and the girl will already appear in a car. The player must disable the vehicle and kill the client by any means.
  • A client may want two girls. The second girl can be picked up at the brothel.

Each successful girl will earn the player $100.


  • Leisure outfit, once the player purchases the High-roller Prostitution business.
  • Reputation: Panderer, once the player completes the first job.
  • Reputation: Mack Daddy, increased income, and $1,500, once the player completes all 15 jobs.

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