Loan Shark

Loan Shark is a type of business in Empire Building in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


  • Small-time: $2000
  • Medium Venture: $3900
  • High-roller: $5800

This and two other businesses (Protection Racket and Prostitution) can be constructed without access to Vice City Beach.

Loan Shark

Loan Shark is an empire mission in the repossession business. It can be triggered by entering the depot and approaching the marked gang member. The primary goal is to repossess vans with merchandise and motorbikes, and to bring them back to the depot within a time limit. The target vehicle always alternates between a Benson with merchandise visible in the back and a PCJ-600. The people in the vehicles will react differently when approached. Some will flee while others will fight back with weapons. When repossessing the van, the more damage that is done to it, the more cargo that will fall out. Each successful repossession will earn the player a maximum of $150, but $100 for very damaged goods, with an additional $250 bonus for three successive repossession.


  • Repo-Man outfit, once the player purchases the High-roller Loan Shark business.
  • Reputation: Lifter, once the player completes the first job.
  • Reputation: Crim-Reaper, increased income, and $1,500, once the player completes all 15 jobs.

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