Roman's Sorrow/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Roman's Sorrow" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pre mission phone call

Roman: Niko please come and meet me in the alleyway off of Hopper Street in EIC. Quickly cousin.

Niko: Roman, what are you doing? Why are you whispering? I will be there soon.


Niko: Roman? Roman? Where are you?

Roman: In here. I'm stuck. Let me out...

Niko: Shit, man... what are you doing in there?

Roman: I got scared... people started calling the house and hanging up. You weren't answering your phone! What happened?

Niko: We've got a big problem. Dimitri was not a man of his word.

Roman: So we're dead?

Niko: More or less.

Roman: Everything was fine before you...

Niko: Yes, yes...

Roman: Fine and now this. Thank you. Thanks a lot!

Niko: I'm sorry.

Roman: Whatever. What's done is done.

Niko: Yes, but there's a bigger problem...

Roman: What?

Niko: That guy I owed money to, Bulgarin.

Roman: Yes, the guy in Europe... who lives by the Adriatic.

Niko: Yeah, yeah, he's here now.

Roman: Great.

Niko: I'm sorry... I've ruined your life.

Roman: No. Don't be like that... we can find a way out of this... bunch of idiot Russians...

Niko: I will kill every one of them.

Roman: No... that's exactly what you won't do. We don't have time for revenge. We can't afford it.

Niko: What can we afford?

Roman: We can lay low... and start over. Please... come on, let's go back to the apartment.


Roman: We can pick up our stuff and then get out of here. I'll call Mallorie, she might have somewhere we can hide out.

(Roman calls Mallorie)

Roman: Hey beautiful. Listen, me and Niko are in a bit of trouble - need to get out of Broker a few days. Any of your cousins have a place we could use out in Bohan? You're an angel - beautiful and kind. I love you. We'll see you there. Maybe things are not so bad.

Niko: This, I did not expect.

Roman: I was thinking about getting out of the cab business. Last night I had a dream...

Niko: Really?

Roman: Yes, you and I had a place of our own. A place where people come to eat and relax. A classy place. None of this fast-food, diner bullshit. We own a real restaurant, a tavern. It is a place of distinction, you know?

Niko: I can't see myself setting down.

Roman: Not now, but in the dream you've met the right woman. She is beautiful. Pure like my Mallorie. In the dream Mallorie and me are married. Everything is perfect. This could be the start of that. A fresh beginning.

Niko: All I know is we have to get as far from Dimitri and Bulgarin as we can.

Roman: We will, but I have left something important at the apartment. Something I must show you, cousin.

(The two see the apartment on fire)

Roman: What is going on?


Roman: You're kidding me?

Roman: What the fuck?

Roman: What the hell?

Roman: Holy fuck, it's fucking burning. The whole place... I've got to go in, I've got to get something.

Niko: Leave it, cousin. This place is gone.

Roman: They burnt it... they fucking burnt it, Niko!

(Niko drives to the cab depot)

Roman: Do you know how long it took me to get a place of my own? You got off the boat and I was here for you.

Niko: I know you were.

Roman: I got here and I had nothing, nobody. I worked my way up from the fucking dirt.

(The two see the depot on fire)

Roman: Jesus! It's on fire, fuck! I've got nothing left. Not my home, not my business, nothing. They took it all.

Niko: I'm sorry, Roman, I'm really sorry but we have to go. We'll meet Mallorie in Bohan. You still have her.

Roman: And you, for all the good you've done me. Do you know how long it took me to get set up here. You don't because it was easy for you. You had it all from day one. It took me months to get some cash together. Finally I bought a cab and then another, then I got the depot... I slept under my desk at that place for over a year... then I got the apartment, the apartment you thought was so shitty. Well, it doesn't matter. Now it's gone along with everything else.

Niko: I said I was sorry.

Roman: You have a lot to apologize for. Since you got here I've had my computer smashed, I've been beaten up, I was kidnapped and then shot in the stomach, my apartment got burned down and so did my business. Things have been going so great, just great, since you showed up.

Niko: You remember that time we went to the bar back home and found it razed to the ground? Just a pile of rubble... everything smashed, except for that one bottle of vodka.

Roman: Yeah... we sat down and finished it off there and then. Wait... wait... I don't want to talk about back home. We're here in America now and I should be thinking about my life here, my life which is ruined. Just drive, shut up and drive.

(Mallorie calls Roman)

Roman: Hey beautiful, what's up? No, what do you mean? I haven't been crying, it's my allergies. Niko's wearing this new cologne. Yeah, trying to impress Michelle or something. We're coming to your cousin's, are you there? Great, see you in a bit, beautiful.

(Roman hangs up the phone)

Roman: My dream, it as just that... a dream. I can't have the tavern now. I have nothing to buy it with. I have, I have nothing.

Niko: I told you, you still have Mallorie.

Roman: But I wanted to really have her. I wanted to marry her.

Niko: You can still do that.

Roman: I had bought her a ring. That is what I wanted to show you. It was a beautiful ring. It was worthy of her. Now I have nothing! Come on, Roman, pull yourself together. You've been here before. Positive mental attitude. Come on.

Niko: At least they want me dead and not you.

Roman: I don't think it will be much difference to them, Niko. One dead Bellic will give them a little bit of happiness while they wait for next. I do not care though. We are in this situation. We must deal with it. Bring on Bohan.

Niko: Okay.

(The two arrive at their new house in Bohan)

Roman: Here we are, the beginning of our new lives... again.

(Niko and Roman enter the apartment)

Roman: Not so bad... I mean, I don't think we'll be impressing women with our wonderful hot tub, but, err, this looks okay...

Niko: Yes, great!

Roman: Come on, what's... what's wrong?

Niko: What's wrong? What's wrong? Where should I start? Alright, I'll start with you - what's wrong with you? Fifteen minutes ago you were cowering in fear because you didn't know what was going to happen. Now, you know everything is shit and we are going to be killed, and you're all cheerful. I don't get it!

Roman: I guess I'm an optimist.

Niko: An idiot, not an optimist.

Roman: I was bored of Broker anyway! I'm glad you turned up and made some Russian killers burn down my home and business! Oh yeah, thanks Niko! Thanks a bunch! Is that better?

Niko: Much!

Mallorie: Thank God you're okay... both of you.

Niko: We're fucked - we're broke and on the run.

Mallorie: No, I'm from up here, Niko. I know a bunch of people who might be able to help out. Why don't you come and meet me at the community center later on? I've got to go to work. Bye, Pappy. And have a shower - you smell a little, erm, mature?

Roman: So... I guess we start again.

Niko: Sure. I'm going out.

Alternate dialogue

Roman: Is simple, we go collect our stuff from the apartment and the depot. Then we shut everything up and get to Bohan.

Niko: What are we going to do in Bohan? Pick up the whores on Chase Point? Maybe they will let us live with them in their crack dens.

Roman: Even I would not go with those hookers on the point, cousin. You know what you can catch from those girls?

Niko: I always put a saddle on a horse before I ride her, Roman. I won't catch nothing.

Roman: You are a sick fuck, cousin. No wonder half of Broker wants you dead.

Niko: I am glad you have a sense of humor about this now. It was just a joke... about the whores, you know?

Roman: Sure it was, Niko. Sure it was. I will add that to the long list of your secrets that are safe with me. Anyway, you will not have to become some crack whore's pimp. I get Mallorie to arrange place for us to stay in South Bohan. She has her local connections.

Niko: Great.

(Niko drives to Bohan)

Roman: Do diamonds burn, cousin? How about gold, will that melt in a fire?

Niko: Roman, you sound like you did in those emails you sent me before I arrived here. Diamonds and gold? I am sorry your worldly possessions have been destroyed, but you were not that rich a man. There were not diamonds and gold in that apartment. You probably would have gambled them away if there had been anyway.

Roman: You add these insults to the injuries I have already suffered. Cruel, Niko, cruel. I do not speak of diamonds, but of one diamond and a band of gold. This was the engagement ring I bought for Mallorie.

Niko: You and Mallorie are engaged?

Roman: No, we are not. I was going to propose to her but it is no longer possible. I do not have a ring. It burnt in my apartment along with everything else.

Niko: You do not need a ring to propose. Mallorie loves you for who you are, not for some ring.

Roman: You are still new here, cousin. You do not understand. America is about showing what you have, you express yourself with money you spend.

Niko: What are you expressing when you spend your money in backroom card games?

Roman: I do not spend money at these games, I risk it for reward. I risk my bets to win more so I can spend on the hot cars and the sharp clothes and my beautiful Mallorie. Now I have nothing to spend... nothing. Oh yeah, I have you. Great.

Niko: You have your life, Roman. You have a life which is worth a lot more than mine at the moment. Bulgarin and Dimitri shall not be happy that I survived our meeting.

Roman: You know what? I think maybe they might get me when going after you. That seems like the pattern of events since you get here. I am the one end up feeling the pain after you piss people off.

Niko: I'm sorry, Roman. I tell you, I am sorry. I guess you cannot escape your past.

Roman: Shit man, you're right. You cannot escape the past. Only thing is future, right? Must think about the future. A new apartment in South Bohan, another business, a bigger diamond for Mallorie. The future, yes?

Niko: Only thing I see in my future is more people trying to kill me. And, perhaps, a date with the man I came to this city to find. The man who betrayed out village.

Post mission phone calls


Dimitri: Niko Bellic, we did not find your body with the others in the warehouse. Mr. Bulgarin and I were very disappointed.

Niko: I was loyal to you, Dimitri. Why did you turn on me?

Dimitri: You think I could survive in a cesspit of a city like this by aligning myself with a bottom feeder like you? You, who has so many enemies? You robbed Bulgarin, you killed Mikhail. You know no more of loyalty than I do.

Niko: You know why I killed Faustin. It was not my choice.

Dimitri: I will find you, Niko. I have burnt you and your cousin out of Hove Beach. I will smoke you out of any other hiding place you have in this city. See you soon, Niko.


Brucie: Nicky, we got to talk serious.

Niko: Alright man. If you want my advice, the only way you're going to get your balls back to normal is if you stop juicing or you get implants.

Brucie: How many times I have to tell you homie, my balls are golden. Okay? I wanna talk about Roman. He's got a problem. He's gambling like an animal. Online, in clubs, everywhere. You need to control your cousin bro.

Niko: Roman's a grown up. He can look after himself, Brucie.

Brucie: He's getting involved with some serious cats, homie. Even people I might think twice about dealing with. And I am one dangerous motherfucker, okay? Put him in Gamblers Anonymous or something. I'm starting to think he's more interested in cards than chasing pussy. And that ain't cool. You dig?

Niko: Sure, Brucie. Thanks for the heads up.

Post mission text message

NB, I've been in touch with Roman. Get here soon, bro. We need the three most dangerous, blinging, hardcore motherfuckers in the whole of Liberty City to be rolling in the same room together. For real. -B