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This article is for the numbered "U.S. Route". For the Interstate, see Interstate 1

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Route 1 (Great Ocean Highway) is a Rural numbered highway in San Andreas. Route 1 travels along the western and northern coastlines of San Andreas. The route covers the entire Great Ocean Highway, from its southern terminus in Del Perro to Dignity Village. It then becomes the Senora Freeway as it travels through Braddock Pass, before becoming Route 13 in Grapeseed. It is one of the longest roads in San Andreas as it encircles the upper half of the State.

Route description

From the south, Route 1 begins in the tunnel at the western end of the Interstate 2. Once leaving the tunnel, the six lane Del Perro Freeway travels northwest along the edge of Del Perro Beach. Even as a freeway, beachfront property still lines the side of the road. The Del Perro Freeway ends near Pacific Bluffs (and a possible Route 18 west end) and begins to narrow down until the south end of Ineseno Road, where it turns north and becomes a divided two lane highway. It then runs through Chumash and along the west edge of the Tongva Hills where it eventually meets the western terminus of Route 68.

It then crosses the Lago Zancudo bridge, and passes under Fort Zancudo through a tunnel, emerging into North Chumash. Near Raton Canyon, it creates an S-curve before driving over another bridge and traveling in a northeastern direction. It passes along the western edge of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness preserve, and into the town of Paleto Bay.

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Northern end

As it leaves the city, it turns east and travels along Procopio Beach, where it passes the Dignity Village and becomes the Senora Freeway. As a four-lane freeway, it turns south along Braddock Pass. Southbound traffic flows through the Braddock Tunnel, as it makes its way into Grapeseed. The freeway becomes Route 13 a few hundred feet from the intersection of Union Road.


Route 1


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