Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

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Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness is a state park located in Blaine County, San Andreas appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The state park surrounds Mount Chiliad, which makes up most of the state park along with a forest. The area is home to a number of animals due to its remote location, which includes birds, boars, cougars, coyotes and deer.

Events of HD Universe

The Altruists, a cannibalistic cult with their compound in the park, are known to have kidnapped a number of people both before and during the events of GTA V. Trevor Philips also appears to have delivered people to the compound, referring to the group as his "friends in the mountains", and is also encouraged to take more people to the group by Ron Jakowski after Nervous Ron. In GTA V, if Trevor delivers four people to the group he will be led into their compound at gunpoint before The Altruists|having to escape. During this event, the player can also obtain $125,000 by collecting five briefcases as well as a number of weapon pickups.

Cletus Ewing hunts animals for profit in the state park and, after teaching Trevor to hunt living animals, suggests that Trevor hunt animals for him, which the player can do. Once the player obtains 100% completion in GTA V, a final mission is unlocked involving Franklin Clinton having to hunt a Sasquatch in the park.