Fort Zancudo

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Fort Zancudo, as viewed from Mount Josiah, in Grand Theft Auto V.

Fort Zancudo is a US Air Force base appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The base is bordered by Mount Josiah to the north, the Zancudo River to the east, the Great Chaparral to the south east, Lago Zancudo to the south, southwest and west, and North Chumash to the northwest.


The base serves as a military owned and operated air-strip and munitions depot. The base is heavily guarded, both externally with soldiers at checkpoints on the two approach roads, high-scale fencing along the entire perimeter and Rhinos and Crusaders patrolling the inside of the base. P-996 LAZERs and Cargobobs also patrol the airspace above the base.

The base is made up of two airstrips (with one main and one secondary), two large hangars, a number of smaller hangars, a munition depot, a fire and rescue station, a refinery, an air traffic control tower, a main office, some barracks and an area for treating water, which is jointly run with Los Santos Department of Sanitation. Also, the base is home to the Cargobob, Buzzard attack chopper, P-996 LAZER fighter jet, Rhino tank and other military vehicles.

Fort Zancudo, as a military base, has access restricted to military personnel and attempts from others to enter the base results in the soldiers shooting the intruders. A four-star wanted level will be obtained when entering the base from the ground with alarm sirens alerting those on the base of the intruder. A combination of armed soldiers, Rhinos and aircraft will attack the player. Stealing a vehicle from the base will result in a two-star wanted level with the player being chased by the police instead. Should the player stay close to the two entrance checkpoints, they will be warned to leave the area on two occasions before obtaining a wanted level.

Those flying over the base are warned to divert course and leave their airspace. The player will receive a two star wanter level by ignoring the warning and continuing to fly over the base with P996-LAZERs deployed to shoot down the player-controlled aircraft.

The base is, according to a Weazel News report, scheduled for expansion with a drone base planned to added to the base. This may explain an area just outside the fenced off restricted zone, which appears to be under construction by the Lago Zancudo entrance checkpoint.

A satellite photo of Fort Zancudo




Ground Vehicles



  • The air base closely resembles the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, and also resembles AREA 51 on signage.
  • The northwest part of the base is, according to the in-game map, in North Chumash rather than "Fort Zancudo".