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Template:GTA V road Route 14 is a north-south urban Numbered Highway in San Andreas. It is revealed as a highway on the leaked GTA V map, but is completely unsigned in the game. Since there is no exact route path on the leaked map, it's presumed to connect Route 22 and the Los Santos Airport, through high-end western Los Santos area communities, with Route 11 and the Tongva Valley.

Route description

Route 14 is a four-lane major road almost all of its length. From the south, it begins as North Rockford Drive, at an intersection with Calais Avenue and Dutch London St (the western end of Route 22) in Little Seoul. It bypasses the Vespucci Canals, heading toward an intersection with Interstate 2 and a parking garage. It continues through Del Perro, where its city hall and the Del Perro Metro station are lined up. The west end of Route 17 intersects here as well.

It goes along the edges of Morningwood (while connecting with Route 18) and Richman as it heads off into the hills, becoming Tongva Drive. The main entrance to the Kortz Center, and USLS campus can be accessed from an intersection in this area. It continues north through Richman Glen. Although it's still a 4-lane road, it's gets very narrow through this community. The best place for the northern terminus of Route 14 is the intersection of Banham Canyon Drive; an LTD gas station sits at this intersection as the last sign of civilization for a while. Tongva Drive continues north as the two lane rural Route 11.