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Perched on an idillic location in the Pacific Bluffs, the Kortz Center is the most visited cultural institution in America; testament to the theory that, if you put a museum in paradise, you can get any old buffoon to come and look at art

GTA V digital manual

The Kortz Center is a complex of cultural buildings located in Pacific Bluffs, northwest of Los Santos. It is based on the real life Getty Centre in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

The institution is the home of cultural foundations, research centers and museums. There are sculptures, terraces and gardens in its area, as well as a vehicle parking and a labyrinth.


There are four main buildings in this facility:

  • Low Rotunda
  • Bell Building
  • Biranda Building
  • Moseley Building

Events of the HD Universe

After Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton infiltrate the FIB Building to destroy incriminating data on Agent Steve Haines, Agent Dave Norton has Michael meet with him at the center for a debriefing. During the meeting, Agent Haines and Agent Andreas Sanchez show up to arrest the two; however, Agent Sanchez reveals that he was a double agent, and rival FIB and IAA agents arrive to arrest Haines, Norton, and Michael, resulting in a large scale Mexican standoff. Agent Haines shoots Sanchez in the head and escapes despite being shot in the leg, leaving Michael and Agent Norton to die in a shootout. Mercenaries from Merryweather Security Consulting join the fray, presumably sent in by Devin Weston to assassinate Michael. Michael and Agent Norton survive and escape from the Kortz Center with the assistance of Trevor Philips, claiming that he only helped them so he can kill Michael later.