Russian Revolution/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Russian Revolution" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pre mission phone call

Niko: Dimitri, you got my money?

Dimitri: I have it. Meet me at the warehouse on Mohanet in Downtown Broker. Come alone.


(After speaking with Dimitri, Niko receives a call from Little Jacob)

Little Jacob: Alright me breda, me hear dem Russian is seriously vexed it ya.

Niko: I only pissed off one, he's dead. I'm going to meet Dimitri to collect on the hit.

Little Jacob: Yo Niko, you better watch ya back ya know. Me know ya wicked but dem boy dem are some dog heart ya know.

Niko: I'm not afraid of him.

Little Jacob: Yo, what eyes can't see, me heart can't leap at ya know. Me ah come wit you. Where's da place?

Niko: A warehouse on Mohanet.

Little Jacob: I know de one. Me see ya around da back.

(Niko arrives at the warehouse where Jacob is waiting for him)

Niko: Sharp eyes, huh?

Little Jacob: You dunno, Me have it, seen, star?

(Niko enters the warehouse)

Dimitri: Hey, Niko. Glad you could make it.

Niko: Yes. You got the money?

Dimitri: Sure. But I just wanted to say how grateful me and my bosses are for what you did.

Niko: Good

Dimitri: Yes. And I just wanted to check something with you.

Niko: Okay.

Dimitri: You are Niko Bellic, correct?

Niko: What is this?

Dimitri: And you used to work the coast in the Mediterranean, smuggling people into Italy?

Niko: I don't know what you're talking about.

Dimitri: But you messed up... and left a lot of bad debt. You left a good friend of mine out of pocket, big time.

Bulgarin: Hello, Niko.

Niko: Hello... Mr. Bulgarin.

Little Jacob: Ras!

Bulgarin: Where's out money?

Niko: I don't know. I didn't rob you.

Bulgarin: Really?

Niko: We were busted a mile off the coast. I had to swim for my life. I don't know what happened. I nearly drowned.

Bulgarin: My heart is bleeding.

Niko: I did my best! I didn't fuck up!

Bulgarin': Remove him.

(A Russian holds a knife to Niko's throat but Niko headbutts him and Jacob joins to help Niko. A gunfight then ensues.)


(Jacob sees Bulgarin's men above them)

Little Jacob: Niko, get dem boy above us. Dey fucking with my structure.

Little Jacob: Rhaatid, Dem boy dem pon top of us, get dem!

(Jacob asking for cover)

Little Jacob: Watch me back, Niko.

Little Jacob: Cover I.

Little Jacob: Cover me ras!

Little Jacob: Give me some cover and ting!

(More of Bulgarin's men show up)

Little Jacob: Control de downpressors!

Little Jacob: They keep coming Niko. More a de ras clots.

Little Jacob: More men in here, we gwan get sheg up good, Niko.

Little Jacob: Cha! Dis a right bangarang. There be more men inna dis blood clot place.

Little Jacob: Dey rammin dis place full bredda. Bumba clot!

(If Jacob takes damage)

Little Jacob: Bumba clot! I be fucked to the fullness.

Little Jacob: I not gonna last. We haffi end dis soon.

Little Jacob: Dey getting me good Niko. I don't know how long I got.

Little Jacob: I not doing too well 'pon my structure... slipping Niko.

(Niko and Jacob move through the warehouse and Niko sees Dimitri and Bulgarin flee)

Niko: Shit, Dimitri and Bulgarin are leaving. Can you hold these men while I got after?

Little Jacob: Just easy man! The place rammed full man, you'll get us killed my youth. We can catch dem later. Their time will come, trust me.

Niko: Alright.

(Bulgarin and Dimitri flee and the police show up at the warehouse)

Little Jacob: Bumba clot, Babylon! Mek we step outta de place.

(The two leave the warehouse and run into the police)

Little Jacob: Yo, mek we go back a the cafe, seen? But not till we lose Babylon car, sight?

Niko: Sight.

Little Jacob: Yo, find me a car, we haffi get out of here! Everything crash back dere. Babylon all over de place, lose them.

'Niko: I'm trying to fucking lose them.

Little Jacob: Now, who fucked up de game back der? What went wrong?

Niko: I don't fucking know and I can't think about it now. I need to shake these fucking pigs.

Little Jacob: Babylon just ah hold a man down. Ya a righteous dread ya know Niko. Yo, ya lose Babylon man, forward back ah cafe now. I need fe black up some more. I told you Dimitri was a snake in de grass.

Niko: I didn't know that Mr. Bulgarin was here in Liberty City. If I could have killed them all then and there...

Little Jacob: Just chill Niko man, one at a time. Wan wan coco full baskit, seen? We find out where Dimitri is and then bam! We take the rest of dem out. Just keep ya head down til then.

Niko: Fucking Dimitri, made me kill Faustin then he sell me down the river.

Little Jacob: Just cool Niko, di boy's a ginnal, yuh nah see? He gonna make his own downfall. De higher da monkey climb da more him expose him batty hole, ya see it?

Niko: I will bring Dimitri down myself. I promise you this.

Little Jacob: I going to speak to Badman, you keep on the low, call Roman and get outta dis place.

Niko: Thanks for your help, Jacob.

Little Jacob: One love me breda.

Alternate dialogue

(The two leave the warehouse)

Little Jacob: Yo, that was some righteous fuckery, nuh true rasta?

Niko: It ain't fucking over. We need to lose these cops.

Little Jacob: Seen, bredren, seen.

Niko: When I next see Dimitri, he is dead man. I will find him.

Little Jacob: Is some pure almshouse a gwaan, Niko.

(Niko loses the police)

Little Jacob: Fuckery, just pure fuckery and ting.

Niko: It is fucked. Dimitri can do this to me because he has connections here. I only have Roman. Dimitri and Bulgarin. This is not something I expected.

Little Jacob: And who is Bulgarin?

Niko: An old employer. He lost much money and blamed me for it rather than taking responsibility. He was reason I had to leave Europe.

Little Jacob: And now he's here, in Liberty City?

Niko: It appears so.

Post mission text message

Cha! I still vexed about that dogheart Dimitri. You got them rude driving skills to get I and I away from there! Keep ya head down and keep in touch. Easy - LJ

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Little Jacob: Come forward, rasta.

Little Jacob: Come on Niko. Move in!

Little Jacob: Dis ras clots.

Little Jacob: Feel me badness.

Little Jacob: Feel me teeth.

Little Jacob: Forward, Niko.

Little Jacob: Jacob no get salt.

Little Jacob: Nuttin, nuttin, men inna place. I watchin' out for ya, seen?

Niko: Thanks for coming.

Little Jacob: Watch me back!

Little Jacob: Yo, dis a Babylon car. You asking for all sorts a trouble wit dis!